Lila And Gracie From Below Deck Med: Meet Sister Charter Guests

Below Deck Med Season 7 Charter Guests Lila And Gracie With Parents Garold & Katharine In Malta

Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 charter guests haven’t been all that noteworthy. Other than Eric Costen, Jonathan DePaz and the younger models Diana, Hannah, Amanda, and Brett‘s charter, the drama from crew members has overshadowed getting to know charter guests. The latest group of charter guests, including sisters Lila and Gracie Miller, alongside their dad Garold and mom Katharine also aren’t getting a ton of screen time because of all the crew drama aboard superyacht Home. Although Garold and Katharine’s Instagram accounts are private, their daughters Lila and Gracie. Here’s everything Below Deck Med fans wanting to know more about the latest charter guests need to know.

Charter Guests Lila, Gracie, Garold, Katharine From Below Deck Med Season 7

Charter Guests Lila, Gracie, Garold, Katharine from Below Deck Med season 7 on superyacht Home (Instagram).

Below Deck Med Charter Guests Lila & Gracie’s Instagrams, Jobs, Ages & More

Below Deck Med fans with Peacock who’ve already watched Lila and Gracie Miller already found them to be spoiled brats. They also found it hard to believe Lila, who celebrated her 21st birthday while on the show, works as a yacht broker. They suspect you need more experience in the industry before you’re able to sell super expensive boats to uber wealthy clients. For instance, Below Deck season 1‘s First Officer Aleks Taldykin became a yacht broker after many years in the industry.

Below Deck Med Charter Guest Lila Miller's Post On Instagram

Lila’s Instagram shows she’s big into traveling and yachting. In the past few years she’s visited Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Saint Barts, Hawaii, Malta and other beach-weather locations. Below Deck Med season 7 was filmed in the summer and fall of 2021, so Lila is now age 22. Despite her young age, she’s already gotten lip fillers. She appears to be dating a professional dirt bike racer. When not sunbathing on luxury yachts, Lila drives a Porsche and enjoys partying with friends.

Lila also has her own YouTube channel where she shares her luxurious lifestyle.

Below Deck Med Season 7 Charter Guest Grace Miller On Instagram

Her older sister Gracie’s Instagram reveals she also likes the finer things in life and living a life of luxury. She’s also quite close with her sister Lila. Although it’s unclear what Grace Miller’s career is, she is selling clothes online. Grace turned age 21 back in the spring of 2020. So that makes her a year-and-a-half older than Lila, making her age 23 now.

Fans dragged sisters Lila and Grace for whining about not getting to leave the dock due to bad weather. However, if fans knew how much charter guests pay for a stay on Below Deck yacht they may understand their disappointment. That said, it doesn’t look like this will be the last luxury yacht vacation these two take.

Their dad, Dr. Garold Miller is a extremely wealthy “visionary serial entrepreneur”, according to his LinkedIn. He’s the CEO of HALO, a mobile accessories and portable charger company that was bought for $41 million ZAGG Inc.

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