Dyman & Deyon From Dated And Related: Ages, Jobs, IGs & More

Deyon & Dyman From Dated And Related: Ages, Birthdays, Jobs, Relationship Statuses, Instagram, TikTok

Dyman and Deyon Miller joined the southern France villa at the beginning of the Netflix show awkwardly named Dated And Related. Dyman, the older sister protective of her younger brother Deyon tried her best to find him a good match. Deyon dodged a bullet after Mady Bajor rejected him after giving him the first kiss on the show. Dyman didn’t have any better luck finding love, after she rejected Jason Cohen‘s advances even though she did initiate a kiss beforehand. The sister-brother duo from Orlando, Florida, were clearly very close by the way they looked for each other. Although they got voted off mid-season, a lot of fans loved Deyon and his quirky awkwardness. They also liked how his older sister was trying her best to help hear nerdy brother out. Here’s everything you need to know about Deyon and Dyman.

Dated And Related Cast Deyon & Dyman’s Instagram & TikTok Accounts Show They’re Single

Deyon’s Instagram shows he enjoyed his time in college and likes to spend time with friends and family. Meanwhile, Deyon’s TikTok videos are as quirky and odd as you would expect. Both his accounts make it pretty clear that Deyon is still single since appearing on Dated And Related.

Meanwhile, Deyon’s older sister Dyman lives in Miami and looks to be also enjoying the single life. Dyman’s Instagram, where she doesn’t post often, mostly has her posing in designer outfits.

Dyman’s TikTok also only has a few videos of the star. She also created a YouTube channel, but she hasn’t posted anything yet.

Deyon & Dyman’s Ages, Birthdays, Zodiac Signs & Jobs

Deyon, age 22, celebrates his birthday is on April 21. That makes him an ambitious and focused Taurus. Besides starring in Dated And Related, Deyon works as a company’s HR staffing manager, per his LinkedIn. He recently graduated from Southern Florida College.

Meanwhile, his older sister’s age is 26 and celerbates a birthday very close to her brother in April. That means she’s a Taurus as well, which explains why the siblings get along so well. Dyman works as medical assistant in Miami.

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