Mady From Dated And Related: Age, Dating Status, Job, IG & More

Mady From Dated And Related: Job, Age, Birthday, Relationship Status, Instagram & More

Mady from Dated And Related fiercely entered the villa in France. The youngest Bajor sister was the first to make a move, kissing Deyon Miller early on. Although Mady came in hot, she rejected dating Deyon after the initial kiss. After that, Mady and her sister Lily Bajon were the first booted off the show because they were looking for a good time, not love. Despite flaming out early, Dated And Related fans still want to know all about fiery Mady, including her OnlyFans, birthday, age, zodiac sign, relationship status, Instagram, job and more. Here’s all you need to know about the reality TV Netflix star.

Dated And Related Star Mady’s Job, How Much She Makes On OnlyFans & Relationship Status

Mady’s fulltime job is running her salacious OnlyFans account that has 110,000 likes. She charges subscribers up to $10 USD per month. Mady makes an estimated tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands monthly from her thousands of subscribers. She also makes additional money from tips she receives. Her alter ego’s alias is London Alexander, and she promotes her work on Twitter and TikTok. Since starring on Dated And Related, business is booming for Mady.

Mady’s relationship status appears to be single, but she’s currently looking for a boyfriend in Houston, Texas.

Mady’s Instagram shows she dated several guys in the past couple of years. She also likes to travel like her sister Lily, touring countries like Mexico, Morocco, Spain, Italy and many more. Although originally from Texas, Mady spends most of her time in Miami, Florida. There she loves to go clubbing and partying with friends. It looks like Mady’s older sister Lily will have her hands full looking after her wild child sibling.

Dated And Related Star Mady’s Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Age

Mady from Dated And Related turned 22 years-old back in the summer of 2022. Her birthday is on (or around) July 25. That means Mady’s zodiac sign is Leo. This makes total sense because she has a very outgoing and confident person. Meanwhile, Mady’s loyal sister Lily is Sagittarius, which fits her outgoing and caring personality.

Dated And Related's Mady Celebrating Her Birthday With Sister Lily

Dated And Related star Mady celebrates her birthday with her Bajor sister Lily in Las Vegas, Nevada (Instagram).

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