The Ultimatum’s James And Ryann: All Fans Need To Know

The Ultimatum’s James And Ryann: All Fans Need To Know

The Ultimatum season 2 cast‘s couples promise some explosive bombshells dropping throughout the show, but none quite like James Morris admitting he cheated on high school sweet heart Ryann McCracken and hadn’t told her yet. The two started dating seven years ago when they were both sweet sixteen. Naturally, Ryann wants to know if they’re going to take the plunge and get married or if she should cut her losses and start looking elsewhere. Below is everything fans need to know about The Ultimatum‘s James and Ryann.

At the beginning of the show, “I haven’t been single in like eight years,” James said to Ryann on the first episode.

“Well it’s definitely going to be weird because I haven’t dated anyone except for you,” she agreed.

“Can’t wait to see what kind of game you’ll be spitting,” James joked. Ryann noticed he didn’t look sad.

“I mean, whenever you leave, I’m probably gonna start crying… I’m serious,” James said.

“It’s been seven years, I mean, I’d really like an engagement ring at the end of this,” Ryann said, letting James know her expectations with her ultimatum.

“I already have that ring that my grandmother gave me. And I know that I’m gonna pull the diamonds from that, have it set differently and probably added onto in some way,” James said, dangling hope to Ryann he’s going to propose.

“I already said I don’t care how the ring looks. It’s more about just knowing that you’ve made that commitment to me after seven years. You know, that’s what I really want. It’s just about knowing that you’ve decided that I’m the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. ‘Cause I feel that way. I just want you to feel the same,” Ryann said.

Ryann with her dad, mom, brother and sister on her favorite day of the year, Christmas

Ryann with her dad, mom, brother and sister on her favorite day of the year, Christmas (Instagram).

James hanging out with Ryann's younger brother

James hanging out with Ryann’s younger brother (Instagram).

The Ultimatum’s James And Ryann: All About The High School Sweet Heart Couple From The Show

Ryann with her other love of her life, her pet dog

Ryann with her other love of her life, her pet dog (Instagram).

James and Ryann raised in Kingstree, South Carolina, where the beauty pageant contestant and football player started dating at age 16. On the show, James was age 23 because The Ultimatum season 2 filmed in the fall of 2022 primarily in areas of Charlotte, North Carolina. James celebrates his birthday on December 21, so he turned 24 shortly after the filming. James’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius, which helps explain his academic and research side, studying aerospace engineering. James worked as a research assistant while studying for graduate school, so he didn’t have a fulltime job at the time of the ultimatum.

The Ultimatum couple James and Ryann together on her birthday days before going on the show

The Ultimatum season 2 couple James and Ryann together on her birthday days before going on the show (Instagram).

“I’ve been in school for five and a half years, so I want to make sure we’re in a better financial space,” he said on the show.


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James’s Instagram includes only seven photos, excluding his latest posts about being on The Ultimatum season 2.  One reveals he has a sister who he didn’t grow up with who lives in Idaho. Another post shows James and Ryann started dating on August 10, 2015.


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Meanwhile, Ryann’s Instagram reveals a lot more about her background. She’s very close with her family, including younger brother Reed and younger sister Rowan, her pet dog, and her mom and dad, Kelly and Lisa McCracken. Ryann and her family love to go on vacation in the Caribbean together. James appears close with Ryann’s family, too. Ryann’s also traveled throughout the country, including Gainsville, Georgia, Las Vegas, and parts of Florida. Ryann works as a radiologic technologist after studying at Florence-Darlington technical college in Florence, South Carolina. Ryann also added a Cameo account so she can make some side money doing video shoutouts to The Ultimatum season 2 fans.

Ryann’s birthday is September 18, which makes her zodiac sign Virgo. That explains her practical and kind nature.


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Ryann’s TikTok shows she still loves to get glammed up since her pageant days and winning prom queen.

The Ultimatum Season 2 Couple James & Ryann’s Relationship Timeline & Likelihood They’re Married Today

Ryann celebrating graduating from college

Ryann celebrating graduating from college (Instagram).

We won’t include spoilers of the show here, but judging by the couple still having photos up together there’s a strong chance they’re still going strong and married today. Despite James’s infidelity, the two likely got over that hurdle once James came clean. It also allowed him to propose without a guilty conscience.

That said, they seemed at an impasse that could break them up.

“We’re both done with school. And I feel like it’s finally time for us to make that next step and get married. We’ve been together ever since we were 16 years old. We’ve never lived together. The longest we’ve spent together, is about two weeks, like, on a family vacation.”

“I find it hard to believe in a one true love. Statistically I just don’t think that’s possible. There’s 8 billion people in this world,” James said at the start of the show.

However, this is all conjecture. We’ll have to wait to see how the first eight episodes, as well as the reunion and finale episodes play out.

James and Ryann from The Ultimatum season 2

James and Ryann from The Ultimatum season 2 (Instagram).

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