Alone: What Happened To David McIntyre, Season 2 Winner?

Alone: What Happened To David McIntyre, Season 2 Winner?

The second season of Alone brought 10 more survivalists to Quatsino, British Columbia. Changes included the inclusion of three women and a qualifying round episode where 20 challengers were whittled down to 10. Season 2’s weather was a lot less intense than season 1’s multiple storms. However, loneliness, isolation, injuries and bear attacks wore the cast down until David McIntyre pulled off a surprise win. What was surprising was that David, an older, broke, divorced missionary, made it 66 days. But the story of the season was the contrast between the winner and the runner up. We’ll cover Larry Roberts in another article, but Larry was angry, bitter and self-critical, while David’s faith never wavered.

You can see how the story of David’s optimism paying off in the face of suffering resonated with Alone‘s audience. David has certainly played up the Christian redemption angle as part of his personal story. It’s part of the story of what happened to David McIntyre after Alone season 2.

What Happened To David McIntyre? Ministry, Birthplace, Current Residence, Family, Books, Age, More

Alone season 2 winner David McIntyre back in civilization in Chicago

Alone season 2 winner David McIntyre back in civilization in Chicago (Instagram).

It’s safe to say that David rebuilt his life entirely after Alone Season 2. He is now the International Director for Set Free Ministries. Born in Pennsylvania, David now lives in Michigan with his three children (two boys and a girl) and specializes in post-apocalyptic fiction. This video indicates that David has two grandchildren as well. You can find David’s three book series, The Fall, available on Amazon.

David is now 58 years old and speaks fluent Portuguese after his time in Brazil as a missionary. He has one brother, Carl, as documented on his personal website. David is very active on social media now, as he has an Instagram, a survival-focused YouTube channel, Twitter, and Facebook. He has 3,133 IG followers, 1,600 followers on Twitter, and 9,800 followers on Facebook as of writing. However most of these accounts haven’t been updated in years. Dave is a great lover of seafood, which helped him out a lot on the show as that was one of the only foods available. On the show, he says he lost over 25 pounds but stayed healthy.

What Happened To David McIntyre? Wilderness Course Business, Survival Skills, Martial Arts, Possible New Relationship

David McIntyre with a woman who may be his girlfriend but he hasn't updated his social media in years

McIntyre with a woman who may be his girlfriend but he hasn’t updated his social media in years (Instagram).

David also makes money from public speaking and his wilderness course business, Per Ardua. He still takes a great interest in the show and his website lists the gear contestants use by season. He specializes in knives and machetes, although he is a skilled fisherman and knows how to use a shotgun. There is a video of David as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu white belt learning striking techniques on his Instagram. However it is from 2016 so we do not know his current rank, if any. David is shown in several pictures with a woman in fairly close in age, so we can assume he was in another relationship back in 2017, at least. We do not know if he is currently married. He says he cannot live in a place without adapting to its wilderness first.

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