BB 25: Jared Tells Blue Secret, Houseguest Is His Mom After Showmance Heats Up

BB 25: Jared Tells Blue Secret, Cirie Is His Mom

Big Brother 25 houseguest Jared Fields doesn’t appear to have the same savvy gamesmanship his Survivor alumna mom Cirie Fields has displayed playing on other reality TV shows, including winning the inaugural season of The Traitors, and her competitive nature. Cirie’s pest control exterminator son Jared sort of spilled the beans about how he’s the son of the reality TV superstar to his showmance crush Blue Kim.

Despite having a girlfriend back home taking care of his dog, Jared is hooking up with Blue on the show. The live feeds cut, thankfully, but it looks like Jared wasn’t thinking clearly after getting closer to Blue. Jared, after consummating their showmance, basically let her in on the secret only he, Cirie, and their ally Izzy Gleicher knew.

BB 25 Jared Tells Secret About His Mom Being Cirie To Blue & Ruins His Game After Showmance Heats Up

“I got something to tell you. [Felicia’s my mom],” Jared said on the live streams to Blue while they were cuddling in bed. Blue didn’t believe it at first because Jared said Izzy told him she knew at the start of the game. Blue thought that didn’t make sense.

“So you still have eleven siblings?” Blue asked.

He apparently showed a picture or something to show proof. Blue was still in disbelief and wanted him to pinky promise and asked if he still had eleven siblings. Jared then explained that his mom has three of his siblings, but the rest of his sibling are half brothers and sisters from his dad’s side.

It looks like Cirie’s plan to get rid of Jared’s showmance backfired. Blue could spill the information to the other houseguests if her own neck is on the block for eviction. Fans recently dragged Jared, Cirie and Felicia for shaming Blue about her sexual past. Blue tried to downplay him telling the information, but she’s obviously smarter than that and knows this is huge information to know. “That’s really cute,” Blue said. In the Diary Room, Blue said he has hinted at this for sometime, but that she’s leaning towards Jared being related to Cirie over Felicia. She said he previously talked about living somewhere near where Cirie lives and other coincidences linking the two houseguests.

After hooking up, Jared played it off as he didn’t care much about Blue. We’ll have to wait if the saying hell hath no fury like a woman scorned rings true here. Fans also can’t wait to see how Cirie reacts when she finds out her arrogant and foolish son may have torpedoed their game.

Big Brother 25 Twitter/X fans were having a field day upon the news.

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