Below Deck: Camille Admits Cheating On Ben Story True Except They Weren’t Dating

Below Deck: Camille Admits Cheating On Ben Story True Except They Weren't Dating

The Below Deck season 11 premiere resulted in an absolute bomb dropping from returning Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby about his breakup with Below Deck season 10 co-star Camille Lamb. Camille cheated on Ben, according to the Australian player and self-described “stew slayer”, shortly after they reconnected after filming Below Deck season 10 in early 2022 in St. Lucia. The boatmance couple spent ten days on a romantic trip to the Dominican Republic in May 2022. Within three weeks after their trip, the relationship was over because Ben realized Camille didn’t want to be with him and had cheated. Now, Camille admits cheating on Ben, except she says they were never exclusive at the time.

“Hindsight’s a beautiful thing, but it’s also a pain in the [bleep],” Ben said to E! News in an interview. “Looking back on it, going on almost two years now, I was way more invested than she was. You didn’t get to see a lot of the behind the scenes. It was very cute, it was very endearing our relationship, but then once the camera stopped, it was all her.”

Apparently Ben, so smitten at the time after their trip, rushed back from Australia to Florida to be with Camille only a couple weeks after their trip.

“I’d been in Australia for about two weeks and then I decided to fly back to see her because she was missing me,” the Aussie native recounted. “She said she really wanted to be with me in Florida, so I made the decision to head over to Florida. Got there and decided she wasn’t faithful,” Ben explained to E! News. “We’re not in touch anymore, but I think I got her at her best.”

Camille in her Instagram story admitting she dumped Ben after he flew to see her in Florida

Camille in an Instagram story admitting she dumped Ben after he flew to see her in Florida (Instagram).

Within three weeks of his breakup with Camille, Ben — apparently broken-hearted — rebounded and moved into a one-bedroom apartment with Below Deck season 10 replacement stewardess Leigh-Ann Smith. After the show finished airing on Bravo. Leigh-Ann revealed Ben ghosted her after she thought they were potentially going to start a serious relationship together. Fans will recall Ben fooled around with Leigh-Ann after Camille was fired and left superyacht St. David, despite the lead deckhand still pursuing the aspiring pop star.

Fired Below Deck Star Camille Admits Cheating On Ben Story True Except They Weren’t Dating

Camille responded in an Instagram story to Ben’s claims of unfaithfulness by saying his story was all true with a big catch.

“[I’m] reading Ben’s new article about our breakup on Below Deck. And all of it is quite true… But Ben says I was cheating on him. At the end of the day I wasn’t his girlfriend. That’s number one. Two, he did come to Florida and then I decided I really wasn’t into a relationship [with him]. But at the end of the article, he decides to say something along the lines of, he got me at his best,” Camille said while eating a Krispy Creme donut in the car with her personal assistant.

“I can’t really reveal what I’ve got going on, but I’m not even going to try and convince people that that was not my best. I’m back baby, and I’m better than ever. Wait for the spring, because all this [bleep] is about to blow up in your face in a good way,” Camille said, taking exception to Ben’s dig she’s washed up.

Camille didn’t explain who she allegedly hooked up with while dating Ben. However, Captain Sandy Yawn revealed Camille was Bobby Giancola’s girlfriend. Bobby previously starred on Below Deck Med season 1 and 2 as a deckhand. Captain Sandy claimed Bobby was trying to date Below Deck Med season 7 and 8 stewardess Natalya Scudder, but the stew was conflicted because Bobby was dating Camille at the time. Natalya is all too familiar with dating players. Natalya joined the list of Below Deck cast members who quit the show, leaving Below Deck Med season 8 to try and make things work with her unfaithful then-boyfriend AJ.

Meanwhile, Camille — a former American Idol contestant who apparently went on Below Deck to help her music career — recently shot a new music video for one of her two latest singles, “HOLD ON”. Her now bestie and former Below Deck season 8 star Elizabeth Frankini cameos as an actress in the music video. Elizabeth and Camille are both on the long list of fired Below Deck crew members. Fans can find out more about what Camille Lamb is up to in 2024 here.

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