Jewish Matchmaking’s Cindy: Everything To Know About Her

Jewish Matchmaking's Cindy: Everything To Know About Her

It’s a fair critique of Jewish Matchmaking‘s matchmaker Aleeza Ben Shalom to say that she didn’t make any lasting matches. However, she did reveal something about Cindy Seni that Cindy didn’t really understand about herself. With her “Mystery In Our History” technique she showed that Cindy was still grieving her three-year relationship that abruptly ended. Her series of dates with Daniel the tech engineer from Tel Aviv were an obvious miss. However, Cindy realized that she was expecting things to be as good or better than her three-year odyssey. Now, in her Year of Cindy, she’s taking time to really get over her breakup before diving back into the dating world. While Cindy’s flexidox leanings and vocal support of her country of Israel is not for everyone, she emerged as one of the season’s fan favorites. Let’s cover Jewish Matchmaking‘s Cindy: everything to know about her.

Jewish Matchmaking‘s Cindy: Age, Family History, Jobs, Government Work, Army Experience, Website, Birthday, Zodiac

Jewish Matchmaking star Cindy

Jewish Matchmaking star Cindy (Instagram).

Like many members of the cast, Cindy has been very open about who she is and where she’s headed. This interview contains many specifics. 28-year-old Cindy explains that she was directly recruited after Netflix cast recruiters read Cindy’s Instagram. She talks about being born in France, moving to Canada where her Jewish identity and love for Israel blossomed, and then moving to Israel. Cindy’s family is a mix of Italian, Turkish, and Tunisian. She also recounts the harrowing story of her grandmother escaping Libya with gold hidden in her bra. We learned about Cindy’s jobs — working for an organization that supports Israeli veterans known as Brothers for Life, as an influencer and as an aspiring novelist and poet. Cindy also says that she finds tefillin, or the devotion implied by wearing tefillin, to be very sexy.  reveals that she can provide many online services, from being a brand ambassador to doing voiceovers. She has a link on her IG to French shoe designer Pascal Olivier Paris , for whom she is a creative and managing director — and, it is also her father’s company! She also says that she has worked for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli Defence Forces. This means she must have also participated in the Israeli army at some point. She is a huge fan of Wonder Woman, which makes sense as Israeli actress Gal Gadot portrays her onscreen. She’s also teamed up with fellow Sephardi Jew Noah Del Monte to promote the show on Cindy’s TikTok. Cindy was born on July 5th. Her birthday makes her a reserved but deeply loyal Cancer.

Jewish Matchmaking’s Cindy: An Offscreen Match?

Jewish Matchmaking stars Noah Delmonte and Cindy Seni getting cozy at a watch party

Jewish Matchmaking stars Noah Delmonte and Cindy Seni getting cozy at a watch party (Instagram).

Further research suggested that Noah Del Monte and Cindy hadbecome an item. Will they return as part of Season 2 as a Sephardic couple? But no, because later on the two made it clear they are just friends. However, Noah did not find success with Tav Gross, who he was dating as the season came to a close. Remember that Noah isn’t as religious as Cindy, and he is a little younger at only age 25. However, we do know that he fulfills one of Cindy’s most important criteria — he has abs.

We’ll have to keep watching to get a confirmation on who Cindy is dating as she promises to reveal a mystery man soon on Instagram. If like situations on Indian Matchmaking we could be waiting a while. In the meantime, let’s hope Cindy gets some positive experiences out of her Year of Cindy.

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