What Did Luke On Big Brother Say? And How He Was Expelled

What Did Luke On Big Brother Say? And Why He Was Expelled

Big Brother 25 houseguest Luke Valentine was kicked off the show after he uttered a racial slur on the livestream in front of black contestant Jared Fields. Luke, who’s white, appears to have said the highly inappropriate slur in some sort of friendly way at Cory Wurtenberger late at night in the Humiliverse bedroom, and houseguest Hisam Goueli was also in the conversation. On the show the derogatory, racist word was censored, making fans ask, what did Luke on Big Brother say that led to him being expelled?

“I’ve never seen that pariah behavior like on the first boot. They usually do that later on when it gets a lot more tense… When we were in the [bleeping] cheese room n***a… dude, anyways. We were in the [bleeping] cheese room, I’m sorry!” Luke said when discussing the way houseguests were treating Kirsten Elwin before she was the first contestant evicted from the BB 25 house.

“Yo, you’re off the [bleeping] legs,” Jared said in response in stunned disbelief.

“You gotta go to bed Luke, you gotta go to bed,” Cory said in shock as he quickly left the room in disgust.

“It wasn’t what you thought I was doing, I was gonna call him a narwhale. I was gonna call him a narwhale,” digital artist Luke said in a panic.

“I don’t give a [bleep],” Jared said in response. “Anyway, it sucks bro because to see her going through that right now, bro.”

“He got more mad about that than you,” Luke, age 30, said, chuckling awkwardly after Hisam and Cory abruptly left.

What Did Luke On Big Brother Say That Got Him Kicked Off Big Brother 25

“…They just don’t know how to handle it, which is just so funny to me, right, is that in situations that should be uncomfortable for a black man, white people get more uncomfortable. I can tell that they were just uncomfortable, they probably thought I was going to respond a certain way.

Luke’s use of the N-word left Jared flabbergasted and at a loss for words on how to respond.

“My non-reaction in the moment, being the only black male in the house, I don’t know what to say. Anything I do or say can come across wrong or aggressive.

In the morning the next day, Luke was called to the diary room, and was removed from the game.

“Houseguests, due to violating the Big Brother code of conduct by using a racial slur, Luke has been removed from the house and will no longer be participating in the Big Brother game. The game goes on and the live vote and eviction will continue as scheduled,” Head of Household Reilly Smedley said, reading a message from the Big Brother production team.

“I know there’s probably going to be a lot of confusion. I’m almost certain I know what the incident is. Do you guys want to talk about it as a group?” Cory said at the houseguest meeting.

“Okay, so I think Hisam and Jared, we were in the room and it was something to the effect of like go to bed. And then a derogatory term for a black person, and it was directed towards me in a very like casual like just using it between friends way. And I think the reaction was like, ‘Yo, you gotta go to bed man.'”

“I didn’t hear this,” Hisam said.

BB 25 Fans Are Mad At Jared For Reaction to Luke Using Racial Slur

Luke saying the N-word in front of Jared, Hisam, and Cory on BB 25

Luke saying the N-word in front of Jared, Hisam, and Cory on BB 25 (CBS).

“Listen, I respect exactly what you’re saying Cory, but considering what the situation was it’s not fair I think to try and have this as a family convo,” Jared said.

“I’ve had friends like Luke in the past. It’s really weird to try and have that conversation, that’s why I didn’t tell anybody. I don’t associate ignorance with malice. Whether Luke meant it in that way or not, it was against rules and regulations. And we were told them clearly before walking into this household. I completely understand the decision… It’s just hard to have people understand where you’re coming from.”

BB 25 fans couldn’t believe Jared wasn’t mad at Luke for his use of the N-word.

Viewers were especially shocked Survivor Legends alumna Cirie Fields‘s son didn’t react better to the use of such a derogatory term.

Fans were also shocked Hisam denied hearing it.

Since being kicked off the show, Luke retweeted someone pointing out a black contestant also using the same racial slur on season 25 and hasn’t given a formal apology. He was apparently thick as thieves with Jared before he got kicked off the show.

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