BB 25: Who Won The Power Of Veto First Week (Spoilers)

BB 25: Who Won The Power Of Veto First Week (Spoilers)

Big Brother 25‘s second episode left on a cliffhanger after the first Head Of Household Reilly Smedley was instructed to take two of the four names on the nomination block off under the new Multiverse rules. After the first nomination competition, houseguests Jared Fields, Cory Wurtenberger, Kirsten Elwin, and Felicia Cannon all lost their separate mini-game competitions and ended up on the chopping block. With BB gameplay tuned upside down on its head, Reilly had to un-nominate two houseguests. She chose Jared and Cory, targeting Kirsten for eviction. So, who won the power of veto the first week and will they use it to save someone?

Kirsten rubbed a lot of her fellow houseguests the wrong way when she tried to form several alliances the first night. She eagerly joined Luke Valentine‘s Phalanx Alliance and assumed it was real. Kirsten failed to read the room, and that the alliance was too forced and didn’t happen organically or seriously. She felt “betrayed” when Reilly kept her on the block because Reilly was supposed to be part of the weak Phalanx Alliance.

Who Won The Power Of Veto The First Week On Big Brother 25

Live feeds showed HOH Reilly, remaining nominees Kirsten and Felicia, and other houseguests Bowie Jane, Hisam Goueli and Blue Kim competed in the first POV competition. Survivor legend and reality TV star veteran Cirie Fields hosted the POV competition.

Hisam pulled out the win and has the Power of Veto. He appears to be in a different alliance than Reilly and others pushing to keep Kirsten on the block, although it’s unlikely Hisam will want to rock the boat by pulling the house’s black sheep off the block and putting a target on his own back so early.

Kirsten also upset Reilly because she spread a rumor she started a showmance with Dealympic swimming champion Matt Klotz. It looks like Kirsten played the game too fast in trying to make alliances with everyone too quickly. It backfired because houseguests compared notes and realized she was double-crossing everyone. First impressions are huge, and Kirsten made too many people think she was untrustworthy.

We’ll have to wait and see if Hisam use the Power of Veto to save Kirsten or Felicia if he can find it advantageous for his game.

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