Below Deck Fans Are Bashing Ben And Sunny Getting Back Together On Season 11

Below Deck Fans Are Bashing Ben And Sunny Getting Back Together On Season 11

Throughout the charter season in Grenada, Bosun Ben Willoughby repeatedly disrespected his boatmance love-interest and subordinate deckhand Sunny Marquis on Below Deck season 11. The two hit it off and started fooling around on the first crew night out. From there, Sunny thought they were developing into a romantic relationship. However, Ben had ulterior motives. He was very flirty and often embraced Second Stew Xandi Olivier on and off superyacht St. David. After Sunny repeatedly getting upset with Ben’s player ways, Ben told her they weren’t anything. Yet, after the end of another charter, fans are bashing Ben and Sunny getting back together.

Ben alleviated Sunny’s worries after he was overly flirtatious with Xandi, convincing the French Canadian he was only interested in her. Yet, as soon as stunning replacement stew Paris Field arrived, she immediately caught Ben’s fancy and he got quite handsy. He began ignoring Sunny and constantly orbited Paris on their day off. Eventually Sunny had enough and she called out Ben in a private conversation at dinner. They made up yet again. However, only a charter later, Ben was posting Instagram stories professing his affection for ex girlfriend Camille Lamb. This time around, Ben admitted in a confessional interview he didn’t have a real “spark” with Sunny, like he had previously had with Camille.

“I’m just going to have to finish it dude. Like, I just — I’m unhappy,” Ben told his buddy Kyle Stillie on episode 13.

“I’ve had connections with people before, and I just don’t think Sunny and I have that. [Bleeping] hell, I’ll never understand the mind of a lady.”

“That’s me, darling,” Ben said when breaking things off with Sunny. “If we sleep together we sleep together.”

“[Bleeping] chicks mate,” Ben added in a monologue.

Sunny Admits If She Gets Hurt After Seeing Ben’s Red Flags It’s Her Own Fault

In the sneak peek for episode 15, Sunny admitted she was kind of foolish for hooking up with Ben in episode 14.

“I’m definitely starting to see who Ben really is. However, there’s a lot of chemistry there. If I choose to ignore the red flags, then that’ll be on me,” Sunny said at the start of episode 15.

Fans couldn’t believe Sunny got back together with Ben on the previous crew night out and think she’s foolish for thinking Ben likes her.

Viewers on X/Twitter expressed their disappointment.

Below Deck season 11 fans on Reddit were just as harsh towards Sunny giving Ben another chance.

“Well as far as I’m concerned, you can cry, you can run to the girls and say Ben’s posting about Camille, he’s toying with you, leading you on, he disrespects you, whatever. From here on not only do I not care and have zero sympathy, I will actually start laughing at any suffering you experience,” wrote a user with the top comment for episode 14’s discussion. “You’re a victim up to the point that you are just a bloody idiot and complete glutton for punishment. If you seek it out, don’t expect us to care when it burns you.”

“She is such a doormat,” another fan added.

Ben telling fans he and Sunny are good now and that he's waiting to give an update on their relationship status

Ben telling fans he and Sunny are good now and that he’s waiting to give an update on their relationship status (Instagram).

Well, all signs suggest Sunny didn’t learn her lesson with Ben and they may still be together. The two repeatedly share photos of them together on the show and hanging out in America together. Sunny also visited Ben in Australia for last Christmas and into the New Year.

Captain Kerry Titheradge wasn’t amused with Ben’s extracurricular activities he wasn’t informed about when promoting Sunny. Ben didn’t return as part of Below Deck season 12’s crew.

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