Alone: What Happened To Barry Karcher After Season 6

Alone: What Happened To Barry Karcher After Season 6

For a guy who made up a fake resume talking about his survivalist experience, Barry Karcher thrived on Alone. That may have to do with his ability to adapt to nearly any situation, as Barry explains in this interview. The Fort Collins, Colorado native credits his Kentucky upbringing for managing an impressive 69 days in the frigid Canadian wilderness. However his lack of experience being in the bush for extended periods of time worked against him, too. He ended up losing an insane 88 pounds by his own admission, going from 240 lbs to 152. He ended up needing an emergency evacuation and couldn’t stop eating when he returned home. It makes sense why many people asked what happened to Barry Karcherafter Alone Season 6.

Barry could have won another reality competition, and did bring a lot of food with him. And he did outlast over half the rest of the cast just by faking it. Even so, he’s not what you would call a fan favorite, as comments praising him are few and far between.

What Happened To Barry Karcher After Alone Season 6? Family, Carpenter Job & Company

Barry Karcher also worked as a nature guide in Colorado

Barry Karcher also worked as a nature guide in Colorado (Instagram).

Speaking of Barry’s handyman business, it seems that’s what he’s spending most of his time on Facebook talking about. His profile says he’s been working at Finish Carpenter since April 15, 2014. However, if you go to the Finish Carpenter website, you won’t see him there. There is another photo in his profile pics for From Under The Oak custom carpentry, so it looks like he’s branched out on his own. He is uploading photos of his handyman projects as recently as this week. You also won’t find much on his LinkedIn, though it does say he went to Bellevue High School.

Barry does have an Instagram where you can find pics of his wife Constance and his children. He only has 290 followers there.

However Constance hasn’t shown up in any pictures since 2020, and the IG itself hasn’t been updated in four years. If you go to Constance’s Facebook profile, you won’t see any pictures of Barry there either. However they still share the same last name. Whatever Constance and Barry’s relationship status is, they are very committed to their children. Tristan, who was two in 2019 and Remi, who was a newborn when the season was shot, feature prominently. Barry has two other adult children, and we can find pics of one, his son Graham.

What Happened To Barry Karcher? Interests, Tattoos, Martial Arts, Show Friendship

We can’t find any details about Barry doing this today, but all the promotional material says he was a martial arts instructor. He is reportedly proficient in the Israeli art of Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Apparently, Barry likes to run marathons and participate in strongman competitions. He has a ton of tattoos on both arms, his chest, and stomach. However, the photo on his IG is taken from too far away to see what they are. Mostly the pic exists to show off his weight loss from the show. There are also some pics of Barry with season winner Jordan Jonas, suggesting the two became good friends.

It’s a shame Barry isn’t more public, because he does seem like a talented guy who could share a lot of his knowledge.

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