BB 25 Fans Want Jared Kicked Off Show For R-Word Use Or They’ll Stop Watching

BB 25 Fans Want Jared Kicked Off Show For R-Word Use Or They'll Stop Watching

Big Brother 25‘s Jared Fields has demonstrated problematic behavior throughout the first month in the house. He shamed his showmance love-interest Blue Kim for her past sexual behavior and demanded to know her body count. Jared, an exterminator outside the game, also upset fans when he brushed off Luke Valentine using the n-word. Now, BB 25 fans want Jared kicked off the show for breaking the show contract policy of zero tolerance for derogatory language towards vulnerable groups. Jared used the r-word when talking about America Lopez and said he would put her on the block if he, as HOH, needs a replacement nominee for eviction.

Well, lots of BB 25 fans are now calling for Jared’s eviction like production swiftly did when Luke said the n-word. So far CBS hasn’t responded to the controversy that erupted on Saturday, September 2.

BB 25 Fans Want Jared Kicked Off The Show For Using The R-Word

BB 25 Twitter/X fans immediately called for Jared to be expelled from BB 25. Fans cited CBS’s conduct policy houseguests need to follow and it clearly shows Jared violated the policy.

Under the section of “Negative Speech or Slurs”, Jared used the r-word which clearly is a pejorative to put down people who have a mental disability. Yet, it looks like Jared is getting preferential treatment by CBS.

Although BB 25 fans love Jared’s mom, the Survivor and The Traitors reality TV veteran Cirie Fields, they can’t stand her immature and ignorant son. BB 25 superfans on Reddit also were disgusted with Jared’s behavior. A rotten apple sometimes falls far from the tree, apparently.

“Some of you are being intentionally obtuse about this whole situation. Don’t act like most people in this country don’t know that the R word is a slur against disabled people. And no one is saying that it’s as bad as the N word or the same thing as the N word, just that it’s still a word that has been used to historically and currently marginalize disabled people and it shouldn’t be used. I don’t know if Jared should be kicked out, but I think with the precedent set earlier this same season, and CBS wanting to pat themselves on the back for being inclusive towards disabled folks, he should face some consequences,” read a top comment upvoted a bunch.

Fans also find it ridiculous that Jared thinks he’s somehow a mastermind at the game when he has his mother’s help in the house. If his mom wasn’t also casted he wouldn’t be able to so easily play both sides of the house and be so comfortable. He also was embarrassingly terrible at figuring out the clue in the last veto competition, too.

CBS Yet To Respond On Jared Using R-Word On BB 25

Fans suspect CBS is waiting for the controversy to blow over. Production really pushed the narrative of the secret alliance of Jared and his mom playing in the same house. Apparently there’s too much riding on Jared being the house for production to adhere to the rules in this case.

Fans also find Jared foolish when he told Blue about his secret relationship with Cirie in the house.

Some fans plan to boycott the show if Jared is allowed to stay and play.

Fans will have to wait and see if CBS makes any response. They previously ignored fans upset with productions lack of accommodation for deaf contestant Matt Klotz.

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