The Ultimatum: Queer Love’s Yoly: Age, Job, Relationship, More

The Ultimatum: Queer Love's Yoly: Age, Job, Relationship, More

On The Ultimatum: Queer Love, Yoly Rojas is in a very sticky situation. Her trial marriage with Xander Boger was truly wonderful to watch. Xander’s caring ways provided Yoly with what must have felt like a much needed break. However, she and her longtime partner Mal Wright have been together for years now. The choice for Yoly is, does she stick with what she knows with Mal, or embrace what she could have with Xander? Or, is it possible to have both? Villain Vanessa Papa is still trying to hold onto Xander, and the young alpha Lexi Goldberg is a possibility for Mal. There are too many possibilities for everyone to end up with a happy ending. Someone’s heart is going to be broken at the end — will it be The Ultimatum: Queer Love’s Yoly?

The Ultimatum: Queer Love‘s Yoly: Jobs, Age, Zodiac, Dog, TikTok, Cameo, IG, Tattoos

Yoly at a fashion event

Yoly at a fashion event (Instagram).

Mal dresses like it’s their job to look good, but it is actually Yoly’s job to make herself and others look good. As a fashion stylist, Yoly’s Instagram  depicts many of her favorite outfit combinations that she recommends to customers. Most of her clothing choices come from Shop Nordstrom, but we can also see Yoly’s other main job on her IG. She is one of the two women behind Lovers Friends Chicago, with her friend, lawyer Keli Knight. Lovers Friends Chicago is specifically oriented to parties for Black and brown 30+ lesbians in the Chicago area. Yoly’s other main passion is the gym, as her socials are plastered with workout videos.  Undoubtedly, this includes Yoly’s TikTok. Yoly has also embraced Cameo, where her videos go for a very fair $25 USD.

Yoly showing off some designer clothes

Fashionista Yoly showing off some designer clothes (Instagram).

Yoly has fully embraced her appearance on The Ultimatum Queer Love, hosting a watch party at Roscoe’s Tavern in Chicago. And we can’t forget about Yoly and Mal’s adorable French bulldog Margaux, who Yoly is always quick to spoil. A 35-year-old Yoly shares her zodiac sign with Mal, as they are both practical and focused Virgos. But, of the two, Yoly is definitely more focused on marriage as she was the one who issued the ultimatum to Mal. Yoly’s birthday is on August 24.

Yoly’s tattoos include a sailing ship, “Expecto Patronum” (a spell name from Harry Potter), a sword through a heart, and several others.

Yoly celebrating her 35th birthday on Augustt 24

Yoly celebrating her 35th birthday on August 24 (Instagram).

The Ultimatum: Queer Love‘s Yoly: Did She Choose Xander Or Mal?

Yoly and Xander snuggling at the park along with Yoly's dog

Yoly and Xander snuggling at the park along with Yoly’s dog (Instagram).

No spoilers here, but it’s Yoly who feels the emotional brunt of having to choose. Her relationship with Xander was much more physical than Mal’s trial marriage with Lexi. However, she’s mostly stayed out of the long-running battle between Lexi and Vanessa. There will definitely be fallout that lands on Yoly as that mess continues. Although we can see Mal pop up in a video Yoly made, it does seem like Xander remains #1 in her heart. Recently Yoly posted a few of the sweetest pics from her trial marriage with Xander, and that is not something you typically do if you have said goodbye to someone. Could her, Mal, Xander and Lexi have figured out some arrangement, hopefully one without Vanessa? Pretty much every fan of the show is hoping, but we won’t know until the end of the show is released by Netflix.

Mal and Yoly together back in the day

Mal and Yoly together back in the day (Instagram).

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