Below Deck Season 9 Reunion Recap: Top Cast Member Moments

Below Deck Season 9 Reunion Recap
Below Deck season 9 cast members Captain Lee, Chef Rachel Hargrove, Eddie Lucas, Heather Chase, Fraser Olender, Rayna Lindsey, Wes O’Dell and Jessica Albert all spoke with Andy Cohen for the reunion episode (Screenshot, Bravo).

The Below Deck season 9 reunion episode had a lot of new information about the My Seanna crew. Although lead deckhand Jake Foulger was missing, the rest of the crew joined virtually to talk with Bravo’s Andy Cohen.

Here’s everything new we learned about season 9’s cast members from the tell-all reunion episode.

Rayna Calls Out Eddie For His Lies & Shadiness

Deckhand Rayna Lindsey told fans why she accepted Heather’s apology twice when she really wasn’t forgiving her. She said she wanted things to remain cordial but that she didn’t find the apologies were genuine.

“What if I had snapped off, then what would I have been called, ghetto?” Rayna told Cohen about why she didn’t reveal her true feelings about Heather using the N-word. “And then when I try and shake it off, I’m called fake. It doesn’t matter what I do…” Rayna continued on the reunion episode.

Rayna also called out Eddie for not having her back as her boss.

“I loved everything about Eddie. Have the utmost respect for him,” Rayna said at the beginning of the reunion. But once the issue of Heather using the N-word came up, she let him have it.

“Eddie apologized to me three times. The first time he apologized to me, you know what he did? ‘Well you say the F-word when you’re drunk,” Rayna said, referring to the homophobic slur. Rayna then said she would never say such a derogatory term because her sister is gay.

“You tried to ruin me Eddie,” Rayna said.

The reunion then aired a never-before-seen clip of Eddie claiming he heard Rayna say the homophobic slur a few times, almost to excuse Heather using the N-word. The show’s production were unable to find footage corroborating Eddie’s claims.

Rayna also wished the best for Heather and let her know she doesn’t think she’s racist.

Rayna also let the audience know she was two months sober at the time of filming the reunion episode. She explained she has a lot of childhood trauma and that she wanted to address issues and not use alcohol to cope. Rayna also revealed that Rachel at the end of the season told her it was time to face her demons and inspired her to quit drinking.

She also defended her fooling around with Jake. She said Jake wasn’t actually engaged, but that he made it up for a green card. Rayna also revealed that she and Jake’s fake fiance Paris talked on the phone while working on the yacht. Fans have questioned Jake’s story about being good friends with Paris, suggesting he lied about his relationship with his ex fiance.

Rayna also explained to fans that she has always had a problem with eyerolling, even as a kid. Rayna made her dad upset a lot because she would roll her eyes constantly. All the chastising from Rayna’s father was for naught. The eyerolling was constant towards her bosses while on Below Deck season 9.

Fraser Olender Explains Watching Norbit

Second Stew Fraser Olender explained to fans how he watched too much of Norbit with Jake and Rayna while they began hooking up. However, he also told Cohen he regrets nothing in his sexually charged interactions with Jake. Fraser dodged a question from fans if him and Jake actually ended up hooking up.

He also said he learned a lot about himself watching the show, including that he talks a lot to himself out loud. At the end of the show, Fraser revealed he is now a chief stew on another yacht.

Eddie Discusses His Girlfriend & Her Green Card

First Officer Eddie Lucas is still going strong with the same girlfriend he had while on Below Deck season 9. Despite his girlfriend’s annoyance at him picking up Heather in the hot tub, they’re still together today. Eddie told fans on the reunion episode that his girlfriend got her green card while living in New York. Eddie also explained to Cohen that his girlfriend is Brazilian, and also half Japanese.

“Things are going really well,” he said in the reunion. Since then, Eddie made his relationship Instagram official. He posted a picture of the couple standing in front of a new house he bought.

Eddie apologized to Rayna for not feeling comfortable enough to go to him about her issues with Heather. He also defended his initial response to Rayna telling him Heather used the N-word, despite fans and Rayna saying he was dismissive. He also later revealed that he went to Captain Lee to let him know about the situation between Rayna and Heather.

Eddie also gave his thoughts on Jake as lead deckhand. “When he did get into the position he might have got a little big for his britches at first. I think he got a little ahead of himself… But at the end of the day, I think he became a good leader.”

Eddie also told Cohen he is still living in Baltimore and running tugboats as a first officer.

Jessica Bashes Heather & Admits She Liked Wes

Third Stew Jessica Albert did indeed find Wes attractive, admitting as much on the Below Deck season 9 reunion episode.

Jess also told fans why she had a tough time on the show. She came from the private yachting world and didn’t know how to adjust to working on a commercial yacht with cameras. “My anxiety was through the roof with cameras being on us 24-7. It was just too much for me to handle, my body to handle, and I just wasn’t reacting well to the situation,” said Jessica to Cohen.

Jessica also bashed her boss, chief stew Heather Chase, for putting her on service when she was already struggling from anxiety throughout the charter season.

“I don’t think you try and put pressure on someone when you know they are under a lot of stress. I think you try and help them eliminate that. So I think she was obviously setting me up for failure, but to each their own. I really couldn’t care less.”

Heather rebutted Jessica’s claims she set her up for failure. She pointed out how Jess said she really wanted to go to the beach to help with picnics and get out of doing laundry. Heather also pointed out that Jess should’ve known what she was signing up for because she’s watched Below Deck before.

Fraser backed up his boss Heather, saying Jess’ claims were absurd and that they were tired of picking up after all her slack. Furthermore, Heather and Fraser said they had no idea how Jessica was feeling because she never communicated it to them.

Jessica got heated from Heather claiming there was no bullying and that they only came to her with love. She swore at Heather and told her that was a complete lie because Heather never talked to her. Jessica explained that her anxiety caused her to lose 15 pounds while on the yacht. She wanted to finish out the season but for her own peace of mind needed to leave.

Heather ended up apologizing for not being more supportive to Jess and wished her nothing but the best. Jess then apologized for not informing Heather of her anxiety but that she didn’t want it to become a topic on the show.

Jessica also revealed that she works in sales and catering for a historic resort in south-west Florida.

Wes Explains How He Failed to Make a Move On Jessica

Wes O’Dell told Cohen he regretted not going in for the kiss with Jess. However, he explained why he was hesitant to give her a kiss. “I just wanted to make sure that was something she wanted to do as well,” said Wes. Jess gave him enough signs of her interest in the beginning, but Wes was oblivious according to many fans.

Wes also talked about how he would like to discuss things with Rayna after she told him she didn’t understand why she was mad because he is white (he’s half black).

Captain Lee Unimpressed With Eddie’s Season as First Officer

Captain Lee Rosbach defended the interior team’s hiccups at the start of season 9 as the team getting used to working with each other.

“The way she came back this year, was just truly, truly remarkable. And I’m still amazed at her command of her craft,” Captain Lee gushed about Chef Rachel on the reunion episode.

“Eddie was in a new role. And that’s a difficult transition to make, from deck crew to first officer, that’s hard,” said Captain Lee. He failed to answer Cohen’s original question about having Eddie as first officer again.

Captain Lee also addressed the major controversy of the season.

“Heather apologized, the apology was accepted. Now does that mean that that was handled perfectly? I don’t believe that. But there’s been a thorough investigation and interviews with the entire yacht crew, and several members of the production team who were all involved in it. And at the conclusion of it it was determined that no further action was required I think that’s a basis for us moving forward and try and do better in the future.

At the end of the reunion episode, Captain Lee told Cohen that Wes was the best crew member on My Seanna in Below Deck season 9.

Heather Addresses Using the N-word

Chief Stew Heather Chase told Cohen she was appalled when she saw the footage of her drunkenly repeating the N-word after Rayna said it. She said there was no right for her to parrot Rayna at all and no excuse for it.

Heather later told Rayna she was sorry from the bottom of her heart and that it’s one of the biggest regrets of her life.

Heather thought that having the cameras around was pretty stressful at first. But after a few days, Heather felt the cameras just become part of the background and it was easy to do her job.

Heather also defended herself from fans saying she is cold. The chief stew shouldn’t be super nice and has to make sure things get done. She also said if she was supposed to be a cheerleader she would’ve taught kindergarten.

Kaylee Talks About Fraser Apologizing

Kaylee Milligan briefly joined the reunion episode. She was surprised Fraser didn’t approve of Heather hiring her to replace Jess. She explained that Fraser then apologized to her about his initially being unwelcoming and that it was his own insecurities.

Kaylee also defended her bestie Heather from critics saying she’s cold. She told Cohen that chief stews need to bark orders because there are only three stews for a massive yacht that technically should have four stews onboard.

Chef Rachel Dishes On Charter Guest Preference Sheet Challenges

Chef Rachel Hargrove dismissed the one charter guest complaining about getting lobster despite their preference sheet saying no fish. “To me, shellfish and fish are completely different.

Rachel also revealed the weirdest thing she served the jaw-wired-shut charter guest: blended oysters.

Every other Below Deck season 9 crew member agreed, including Captain Lee, that Rachel is the best yacht chef they’ve ever worked with.

Rachel also told Cohen she bought a school bus and is touring the States.

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