Who Is The Mole: All Clues & Signs Kesi Is The Mole

Who Is The Mole: Signs & Clues Kesi Is The Mole

Who is the mole on Netflix’s reboot reality TV show? Fans have found a lot of clues and signs that contestant Kesi Nesblett is the mole.

Viewers are wondering who is the mole after watching Netflix’s reboot of the reality TV show all about deception. The Mole was down to its five finalists and the finale dropped on Friday, October 21. While waiting for the conclusion, armchair sleuths were watching and rewatching the first eight episodes trying to deduce who the mole is. They’ve looked for all the times competitors messed with the other competitors and lost money from the prize pot as they do missions in different locations across Australia.

A lot of superfans have come to the same conclusion. Competitor Kesi Nesblett is the mole who has been sabotaging the missions left and right. There’s also lots of evidence for why the other finalists, Avori, Joi, Jacob and William are obviously not the mole. We also have the spoiler of is Kesi is actually the mole near the bottom of the next section of this article, so be forewarned.

Clue & Signs Kesi Is The Mole On Netflix’s Reboot Reality TV Show

Kesi’s bad poker face acting surprised when she survives an elimination quiz. If Kesi’s the mole, she would have nothing to worry about getting sent home (Netflix).

The answer to who is the mole is obviously Kesi Nesblett to a lot The Mole fans. Right off the bat, Kesi threw her fellow competitors off her scent by helping retrieve a case from a tree in the Australian rainforest. But after that brief help in making money for the team, Kesi has done nothing but sabotage the team’s earning potential.

In the prison break mission in episode two, Kesi didn’t do anything to break out until near the end. Her team bought her a clue telling her there’s a key right outside her door. Later that episode, in the mission where they had to find out a secret code using the periodic table, Kesi misspelled the word “neon” when writing in the password, making her team run out of guesses.

In the third episode, Kesi failed to find the dinghy boat when riding on the plane. She failed, despite being on the side of the plane with the view of the boat on the beach.

In the bank heist mission, Kesi failed to figure out the simple code of the names on the safety deposit boxes. She’s a software developer yet couldn’t figure out the simple code of the game. Very sus.

The Mole Kesi Failing To Figure Out The Bank Heist Code

Computer coder and top mole suspect Kesi failing to figure out the code in the bank heist mission (Netflix).

Yet again, Kesi dopped the ball in the mail run mission. She dropped a mail bag in the when on the train with Greg and Casey.

During the mountaineering mission, Kesi messed up again. She said she didn’t think she was one of the competitors with $10,000 in her hiking bag. So, she volunteered to be one of the competitors to sit out the mission. But, lo and behold, at the end of the mission they discovered Kesi had $10,000 in her bag. Later in the episode, Kesi took the exemption card and a luxury hotel stay, and she lost the team $20,000 more. She also made her competitors sleep on a concrete floor chained up to one another.

The Mole Kesi Looking Suspicious In The Mountaineering Mission

The Mole suspect Kesi looking sheepish after the team discovered she had $10,000 in her bag that was lost from the prize pot (Netflix).

In figuring out which artwork was the fake, Kesi pushed for people to pick the real artwork instead of the fake. In the two truths and a lie challenge Kesi pushed for Avori being the liar, but Greg and Will figured out it was Jacob.

Then, in episode eight she again played the role of saboteur. She tried to throw Joi off of going to the pigeons in the mission to find Avori in a remote location in Sydney. On top of that, she insisted on picking the wrong homing pigeon. She only failed at getting them to pick the wrong pigeon after she lost rock, paper, scissors.

In episode 9, Kesi again made it pretty obvious she’s the mole. On Australia’s Snowy Mountains she blatantly went slow and threw the ice blocks with money in them off the sled when competing with Joi. If that wasn’t enough, she tried to go back for the blocks she threw off to try and make them run out of time. Later in the episode, she insisted in taking the case worth $0 because she knew that that would cost the group money if she remained (something the mole would want to do).

Finally, in the episode 10 Kesi again sabotaged the mission with the drones. She unconvincingly struggled to avoid hitting the smoke floor, costing the team another $5,000! Spoiler ahead, if Kesi is actually the mole. Don’t read on if you don’t want to know.

So it turns out, surprise, Kesi is indeed the mole! Fans who watched closely will not be shocked at all. With all the above sabotaging she wasn’t exactly subtle. The fact Joi competed right next to Kesi in the last few competitions and still thought it was Will is extremely odd. Will didn’t do much of anything to sabotage missions. The whole finale adds to the fan theory The Mole is scripted and staged.

The only nagging problem with the theory that Kesi is the mole is that Greg got eliminated. A couple times Greg noted that Kesi’s behavior on the missions was suspect and he would be targeting he in his quiz answers. If he thought she was the mole how could he lose on the quiz on guessing who the mole is? Again, another plot flaw of the show that doesn’t make much sense unless it was scripted.

Why Avori, Joi, Jacob & William Are Not The Mole

There were also lots of signs and clues that The Mole competitor Kesi’s fellow finalists were not the mole.

First of all, here’s how the other four The Mole finalists were eliminated from the list of suspects. William Richardson was a dogged competitor throughout all the missions and played a pretty transparent game in trying to make the team the most money possible. It makes zero sense by the end of the game that he was the mole. If he turned out to be the mole he would be the worst saboteur and the show wouldn’t deserve its title. Meanwhile, Jacob Hacker was a pretty weak competitor. But he still tried to make money where he could for the team. He also didn’t do anything major to sabotage making money for the group.

Then there’s pilot Joi Schweitzer. At the beginning of the game she was the number one suspect. Joi navigated her team in the wrong direction in the plane crash mission, making them lose out on $5,000. She also gambled away $25,000 of the prize money to keep herself exempt from an elimination. However, when push came to shove Joi tried to make the team money. She had the opportunity for an exemption card after she tricked people at the food game. But she decided to make the team money. Making a first impression to suggest you are the saboteur is a great ruse. If your competitors think you are the mole when you aren’t you can win the prize money.

Finally, pro gamer Avori Henderson has also done several questionable things to suggest she may be the mole. The first competition she barely attempted to untie the knots of the case tied in the jungle trees. However, most of the time when she could make the team money she would. Even when she pretended to be the mole, it was usually something that wouldn’t actually outright blow the chances of making money for the team.

Fans will finally got the answer on who the mole was when The Mole finale came out on Netflix on Friday, October 21. But the wait was pretty anticlimactic when it turned out to be Kesi. Hopefully if Netflix renews The Mole for season 2 they’ll pick a better actor to keep viewers on the edge of their seats to the very end.

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