Below Deck’s Captain Lee Is Scolding Taylor Swift For Stealing Gym Time

Below Deck's Captain Lee Is Scolding Taylor Swift For Stealing Gym Time

Forced-retired Below Deck‘s Captain Lee Rosbach wasn’t holding back his disdain for pop superstar Taylor Swift and her NFL player boyfriend Travis Kelce. The hottest global couple made headlines for shutting down an LA gym in late March to get in a private workout. Captain Lee, a self-described gym rat who exercises for two hours every morning, found it horrendous and self-entitled behavior from the singer and athlete. Now, Captain Lee is scolding Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce for their selfish, prima donna actions.

On the latest episode of his podcast Salty with Captain Lee, he didn’t mince words. “I’d be upset that I wasn’t notified it was going to be closed that day. That would upset me. And then I would wonder why is it closed. What’s the reason,” the 74-year-old sea dog started.

Swift and Kelce ended up in Page Six because they blocked other gym goers at a West Hollywood, California, Dogpound gym location for two hours. It wasn’t the first time Taylor attempted to kick out other gym members either. She previously tried kicking out Justin Bieber.

Below Deck‘s Captain Lee Is Scolding Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce For Stealing Gym Time

“Nah, I wouldn’t deal with that well… I understand their need to get away, and, you know, not be bothered when they go out in public. But this is what both of you asked for. This is what you signed up for. So you can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you signed up to be an international star, then that’s what you are. It’s not going away, you sacrificed your anonymity a long time ago. And then to take, maybe a 100 people, stick ’em outside and say, ‘You guys can use the gym when Travis and I are done with it because we need our privacy.'”

His co-host and personal assistant Sam DeCavalcanti then cut him off from his train of thought.

“I would think they have their own gym,” he then continued. “I’m sure there’s a football team out there that would let them use their facilities seeing as it’s off season.”

“Like I said, you gave all that up when you became a star football player on a Superbowl winning team, winning back-to-back championships. And she is probably the most recognizable individual on the face of the planet. You gave that up. Go exercise in your $200,000 gym at your house… To inconvenience maybe a 100 people, that’s how I start my day. I’m starting my day, I’m ready to go to work. I do this to get myself in the right frame of mind. And then [BLEEP]…”

“It’s one way to piss you off,” said his co-host.

“One of many, but that would do it,” the Stud of the Sea responded.

When his personal assistant suggested maybe Travis wanted to hit the gym because of his “dad bod”, Captain Lee had some more thoughts and a gold nugget of a one liner.

“His dad bod is his business. If he wants a dad bod, have at it… Having a dad bod is pretty in these days.”

But Captain Lee drew a distinction between a bit of belly fat from that of having a broiler.

“I guess to me it would depend on how far are you carrying this. I mean, there’s a dad bod and then there’s a tombstone for dead peckers, okay. If your belt buckle is looking down at your feet, that’s not a dad bod.”

Captain Lee has hinted at working on writing a second book that would be a compendium of his hilarious one liners. His first book, a memoir entitled Running Against The Tide (available on Amazon), revealed some new classic one liners not previously heard on his ten seasons of Below Deck. Captain Lee’s podcast Salty also includes some new hilarious one liners as he cantankerously dishes about Bravolebrities and other celebrities. It looks like doing a season of Couch Talk With Captain Lee And Kate, resulted in his costar Kate Chastain passing on her love of talking all things Bravo and celebrity drama.

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