Below Deck Sailing Yacht: All Chris, Dino & Dr. Nichols’ Rude Actions On Show

All Dr. Nichols, Husband Chris & Friend Dino's Rude Actions On Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3
Here are all the times Dr. Kim Nichols, her husband Chris and friend Dino were rude as charter guests on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 (Screengrab, Bravo).

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 charter guests Dr. Kim Nichols, husband Chris Cabanillas, and investment banker friend Dino’s rude actions aboard Parsifal III were a master class in uncouthness.

The trio barked orders to Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher, lacked any manners towards the crew and got belligerently drunk on their charter, which angered fans. After their first appearance on BDSY aired on Bravo, Dr. Nichols had a watch party with employees. She used the publicity to promote her skincare clinic businesses. Some fans believe Dr. Nichols, Chris and Dino were acting when they behaved badly to help get attention online and more customers for her skincare businesses.

That said, here are all the rude, bad and downright crass behavior of charter guests Dr. Nichols, Chris and Dino while on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3.

All of The Rude Actions Of Dr. Kim Nichols While On BDSY Season 3

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3: How Dr. Kim Nichols Used Show Drama To Promote Show
Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 charter guest Dr. Kim Nichols and her group terrorized Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher and the crew. Find out how the drama of her husband Chris, her and Dino on the show helped promote her skincare clinics (Screenshot, Bravo).

Before Dr. Nichols even stepped aboard the sailing yacht, she was pretentiously arrogant to the crew. On her preference sheet she ordered the crew to always call her Dr. Nichols.

Things onboard started off well, with Dr. Nichols saying thank you for being welcomed aboard the sailing yacht. However, Dr. Nichols and her group way overpacked and then asked the interior crew, short a member after Gabriela quit, to steam iron all of their clothes.

“You know what, let me get a refresher, just because it gets diluted so quickly,” Dr. Nichols told First Officer Gary King after he came to give them extra lounge cushions.

She at least used “por favor” or please in Spanish when asking for her drink. She also said “thank you” to Gary for returning with her next drink. But she still had some pretty appalling, rude moments.

Once the yacht started sailing, she passed out and woke up after it was over. She complained that she missed the entire sailing portion of the day.

“Daisy, dinner 9:00. 9:00. 9:00 PM,” she barked at the chief stew on the first night.

“No, not 9 PM. At 10:30!” Chris shouted back at her.

“No Gordo, not 10:30. Gordo, 10:00. I’ll be asleep-sleep. You don’t tell me what to do ever, ever. Nunca!” She bellowed back.

“You can go jump off the boat. Telling me what to do, get the[bleep] out of here,” she added, swearing like a drunken sailor much of the trip.

“If you mess with me than I’m gonna, I’m gonna kill you. I’m gonna take a knife and I’m gonna stab you in the throat,” she also added after the disagreement with her husband on the time for dinner. However, many of the clips of Dr. Nichols behaving poorly were cut, making it unclear what the surrounding context was in what she was saying.

Dr. Nichols and the other guests then napped while dinner was supposed to start.

After arriving late for dinner, she sat down and grabbed her revealing dress to put the garment over her breasts, saying, “Keep the ladies inside”, referring to her exposed chest without a bra that distracted Chef Marcos Spaziani throughout dinner service.

“I would be a cannibal in a segundo,” she told a friend at dinner.

“Is this dessert?! Did we eat the regular course? Are you [bleeping] kidding me? What’s going on here?” she ungratefully asked when Chef Marcos brought out a delicious dessert as the final course of a five-star, five-course meal.

“No, [bleep] you [bleep]. I’m not 18 years old. Never in my life,” Dr. Nichols said when Dino tried to get them to take more shots late at night.

“You’re getting me really [bleep],” Dr. Nichols said when Daisy was swamped with drink orders and requests from her husband Chris to turn on music and get blankets.

“Alright, this service sucks. Let’s go. [Bleep] this [bleep]. I’m done,” Dr. Nichols said, before storming off.

She slammed her cabin door and said, “I paid [bleep] sixty thousand dollars.”

“What a bunch of [bleep] assholes,” her husband Chris responded.

They then didn’t get up until 1:30 PM the following day.

“Where’s my chef?” Dr. Nichols asked at the second dinner.

The next morning she asked Daisy to get someone to pack for herself and the other charter guests. This was after puking after waking up hungover for the second day in a row.

Dr. Nichols and her husband left the master cabin a disaster, saying bronzer cream flew and fell all over the wall. Yet, after all the complaining and drunken antics, apparently Dr. Nichols loved her time on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

“We just want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You guys were amazing and the food was absolutely, absolutely amazing,” she told the crew when leaving.

All of The Rude Actions Of Chris While On BDSY Season 3

Attorney Chris Cabanillas bossed Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher throughout the charter on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 (Bravo).

“I would like a transfusion. Equal parts vodka, ginger ale, and grape, not grape fruit, grape juice,” Chris demanded early on in the trip.

“Well I wanted a transfusion,” he griped when Daisy let him know grape juice isn’t available in Europe.

Early on he also requested Daisy have the interior crew to “steam everything” in regards to their copious amount of suitcases the charter group overpacked for the three-day trip. He then crassly joked that his wife Dr. Nichols wouldn’t have to do any steaming. “Now baby you don’t have to do any of the steaming for me this weekend… You take a break this weekend, honey.” Fans were in agreement he’s a charmer.

“Are there other lay-down setups that we can have down here?” he asked sprawled out on lounge chair on the yacht’s one deck.

“I’m going to give you a little tip, soon as it gets a little warm, get a [bleep] new one,” Chris told Adriana, the wife of one of his friends on the charter. “Don’t force down lukewarm drink, none of that [bleep].”

“Can I do another one of those, but with crushed ice in it?” Chris asked King shortly after giving the advice to not drink lukewarm drinks. This means Daisy would have to crush his ice and it would melt faster, adding more work in crushing the ice and serving more drinks because he would want them replaced midway through.

After napping, Chris said he got thirsty again and started yelling for Third Stew Ashely Marti.

“You’re gonna fall off the boat and [bleep] die,” Chris told his wife when he was telling her to get off the prow of the yacht.

“I’d like a little Sancerre,” Chris said in demanding voice the first night.

“Daisy, can we get the music up there?!” Chris shouted to Daisy late at night while she was getting more drinks prepared.

“Can I get some music and blankets!?” Chris yelled down from the fly bridge.

“I’m totally aggravated with the [bleep] whole crew,” he said when he was getting his demands met immediately.

“Come on man, we want to listen to a little music before bed, what the [bleep].”

He would then join his wife who stormed off because the service was supposedly awful and too slow.

The next morning he continued with his lack of manners.

“Bring a round of ’em,” Chris said when Daisy asked if anyone wanted Bloody Marys.

Later on the second day he asked Daisy to crush grapes to make grape juice so he could get his transfusion, adding more work for her already overfilled plate.

“Great job, excellent work!” Chris said once he got his transfusion, finally showing some appreciation, although in a kind of condescending tone.

“Delicious transfusion. Two more of these, and a margarita with salt,” he ordered to Daisy after she just had slaved away making the transfusion by blending grapes.

“At about 11 O’clock. Chick time means at 11:15. Put tinfoil on everything,” Chris bossed Daisy that evening, delaying dinner until extremely late once again.

“How the [bleep] did Columbus do this,” Chris commented when they were sailing the final morning.

I’m not packing [bleep],” he said near the end of the tip. He also yelled for Daisy when she and Ashley were rushing to pack all of the charter guests belongings so he could order yet another alcoholic beverage just before leaving the yacht. Yet, after being a total jerk to Daisy in bossing her around, he was very thankful for all the hard work she did.

“We were just astounded, so thank you, guys. thank you very, very much.”

All of The Rude Actions Of Dino While On BDSY Season 3

Investment banker Dino making Daisy Kelliher’s job hell (Bravo).

Dino’s antics began as soon as he arrived on the show.

“Is that the captain? He’s a little fella,” said Dino before boarding the sailing yacht, referring to Captain Glenn Shephard, who is quite short.

“I want a bacon Bloody Mary with grilled shrimp,” was Dino’s first demand shortly after getting on the boat. “A double-bacon Bloody Mary with two grilled shrimp, no olives.”

Once Daisy was away getting their first order of drinks Dino started slamming the service bell repeatedly. When Daisy returned with their first round of drinks she hadn’t even served him yet before he said, “A little weak on the bacon. Weak, weak bacon. You need two stalks of bacon in there.”

“I asked for two grilled jumbo shrimp. Look at the size of these things. Look at this. This is an embarrassment.”

Shortly after in the show, he walked by the bar and asked Daisy what she is “whipping up now”. Then he said, “I’ll have a nice cold beer.”

And the bully bossing just continued from there.

“Are we high maintenance, Ashley? Too [bleep] bad.”

“I feel like a dozen clams on a half shell,”

“Just freshen this up, I’d appreciate it.”

“Give me six shots of coffee Patron.”

“Six shots, chill it up though. Got to make it look nice.

“I’ll have the Azul. Yes I would.”

Dino then got impatient with the pace of the next round of drinks. He repeatedly rang the service bell and went behind the bar himself to try and mix his own drinks.

“If you don’t … make this [bleep] work right now,” he said drunkenly at on point, losing all patience for Daisy, who was stuck working service alone.

Dino then went up to Daisy and said here’s for the aggravation for tonight and threw a hundred-euro bill at her. But after that, he didn’t quit being a complete ass.

“Hey Daisy! I’ll have one of those Moscow Mules.”

“Raspberries and blue berries crushed in the Moscow Mule.”

“Two dirty vodka martinis.”

“I need a sake cup,” he demanded at the second dinner where they were served sushi. He also kept asking for Japanese beer, and wouldn’t admit he was being ridiculous in his repeated request because it wasn’t even included as a request on any charter guest’s preference sheet.

“We didn’t know we were gonna get a spread like that, that’s why,” he shot back at Daisy when she informed him why they didn’t have Japanese beer onboard.

“You were the best, hold on, let me kiss you,” Dino said when leaving the boat, making Daisy’s skin crawl.

Daisy’s Funny Reactions to Dr. Nichols, Chris & Dino’s Rudeness

Daisy couldn’t stand having to slave away for charter guests lacking any manners, or class, and demanding so many drinks and absurd requests on a chief stew down a staff member.

“Here’s my fake laugh, ha-ha-ha,” she said to producers when asked about the rude charter guests.

“I’m pretty sure these guests don’t know we’re a stew down, but I’m pretty sure even if they knew, they wouldn’t [care],” she said after making them a ton of drinks and running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

“They’re the type of people who leave their drinks half-drunk, and they say they need another drink. It’s very wasteful in my opinion.”

“She’s wasted,” Daisy said about Dr. Nichols during the dinner service.

“Every time that Dino guy talks to me I just walk away now.”

“He can take that [bleep] hundred-euro note and shove it so far up his hole. He has no class, no manners, and he’s a moron who doesn’t deserve his wife,” Daisy said about Dino after another one of his ridiculous demands.

“I want nothing more than to tell Chris [off]. These people have no respect for me.”

“I wanna [rip] this guys head off,” she said about Dino, again getting angered by his lack of respect for her. “I’m going to … punch that [jerk]!!”

“Goodnight assholes, see you in the [bleep] morning.”

The next day Daisy got her revenge by getting Ashley and herself to terribly pack their suitcases.

The $20,000 tip was the only silver-lining from this charter. And poor Daisy, the next group of charter guests don’t look to be much better than the ones she just had. At least she has a replacement stew, Scarlett Bentley.

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