The Ultimatum: Are Madlyn & Colby Still Together Or Split (Spoiler Answer)

Find Out If Madlyn & Colby Got Married, Pregnant & Had A Baby Or Broke Up After The Ultimatum
Rumors are swirling that Colby and Madlyn broke up and she’s dating Randall or that Colby and Madlyn got married, pregnant and expecting a baby. Find out the truth about what happened to The Ultimatum couple (Screengrab, Netflix).

The Ultimatum couple Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger have kept their relationship status hidden on Instagram. But fans of the Netflix show dug up information confirming whether or not Colby and Madlyn are still together now.

Fans predict Colby and Madlyn will breakup after all the toxic damage the couple’s relationship took over the show’s season. Internet sleuths tracked down pictures that confirm one of two rumors online about the couple. Either Colby and Madlyn split up or they got married, pregnant and are expecting a baby (spoiler ahead).

Online, fans are attacking Madlyn and Colby for their “narcissistic” and “dreadful” behavior on The Ultimatum. The Netflix chart-topping reality TV show introduced fans to Colby and Madlyn last week. Throughout the season, Madlyn repulsed fans by constantly belittling Colby. Most (re)memorably when Madlyn’s friends met her “practice” husband Randall Griffin and they all trashed Colby. Madlyn all but forgot about Colby when she spent three weeks with Randall and tried hard to sleep with him.

On the other hand, when Madlyn went through Colby’s smart watch messages and found he had been secretly seeing another girl she lost it. Colby’s deflections and gaslighting of Madlyn about the situation equally shocked viewers.

So after all that and more, did Madlyn and Colby end up staying together?

Madlyn Allegedly Married Colby & Pregnant With Their Baby

Colby Kissinger and Madlyn Ballatori pose for the camera after going deep-sea fishing. The caption of the photo stated

Fans of The Ultimatum tracked down several photos online showing evidence suggesting Madlyn and Colby married and had a baby.

The first photo’s caption describes them as Madlyn and Colby Kissinger. The deep-sea fishing expedition company has since deleted the Instagram post.

In an old Instagram story that recently resurfaced Colby described Madlyn as his wife.

There’s another photo of Colby wearing a wedding ring that surfaced, too.

But, not only did Colby and Madlyn get married, but they’re now expecting. A leaked photo allegedly from the birthday party of Colby’s niece shows Madlyn very pregnant. Unlike April’s supposedly fake pregnancy scare, Madlyn appears to be very pregnant.

(Screengrab, Reddit).

If that wasn’t enough evidence, The Ultimatum Instagram page is teasing one of the couples is expecting a baby.

Colby, a Texan-based sales director aged 25 while on the show, and Madlyn, a project manager aged 24 on the show, are apparently happy after the show.

Another fan pointed out that Madlyn follows a lot of “baby accounts” on Instagram, apparently preparing for her and Colby’s baby.

Fans can find out more about the marriage, pregnancy and baby when Netflix releases The Ultimatum’s finale and reunion episodes on Wednesday, April 13. The reunion will also include what happened to April’s relationship with Jake, and if he chose her or Rae.

Fans can follow all The Ultimatum cast’s Instagram accounts here.

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