The Ultimatum: Queer Love’s Mildred: Ethnicity, Son, Age, Job, More

The Ultimatum: Queer Love's Mildred: Ethnicity, Son, Age, Job, More

You can watch The Ultimatum: Queer Love for the head-spinning partner swapping and multiple attachments. But, you can also watch for the moments of development. Mildred Bustillo, aka Mildred Woody, has really tried to do some hard work during the season. We’ve seen the chaotic aspects to her relationship with Tiff Der, heard about her abandonment struggles and divorce, and her challenges raising a special needs child. While fans may have blamed Aussie Chau‘s avoidant ways for the breakdown of their trial marriage, later episodes showed how hard she can be to get along with. She’s been called out by Tiff, hardly the voice of reason, and many fans, for using her Latina heritage to justify being disrespectful. Now, as we await the results of the ultimatums given, we will see if Mildred’s efforts were successful. But until then, let’s find out more about The Ultimatum: Queer Love’s Mildred. 

The Ultimatum: Queer Love‘s Mildred: Age, Family, Job, Pet, Ethnicity, Zodiac Sign, Tattoos

Mildred dressed up elegantly and showing off a couple of her tattoos

Mildred dressed up elegantly and showing off a couple of her tattoos (Instagram).

Mildred, age 33, is a Zumba instructor of Mexican and El Salvadorian ethnicity. She is an extremely devoted dog mom to golden doodle Zoey and adores the beach, working out, and taking selfies. Paying close attention during episode 7 reveals that her special needs son is named Josh and that he is close to becoming an adult. We also know that Mildred married her former business partner without really knowing what love was. Sadly, this is what led to the breakdown of her first marriage. Along with Vanessa Papa, Mal Wright, and Yoly Rojas, Mildred is the fourth Virgo to join the cast. Her birthday is September 4. Mildred’s Latina heritage and LGBTQ+ identity is extremely important to her as she features the hashtag #lesbianlatina on almost every post on her Instagram. However, she also proclaims in one post that her circle is small, reflecting her trust issues.

Mildred walking her Golden Doodle

Mildred walking her Golden Doodle (Instagram).

Mildred has several tattoos she’s proud of. She has two female symbols on her chest to show she’s proudly lesbian. The fiery Latina also has a red bow near her shoulder, stars on her neck, a bee on her arm, and leopard spots on her one shoulder, too. Mildred’s TikTok has old videos of her and Tiff goofing around as well as show commentary.


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Mildred's adorable dog Zooey

Mildred’s adorable dog Zooey (Instagram).

The Ultimatum: Queer Love‘s Mildred: Single or Married?

Mildred's other tattoos

Mildred’s other tattoos (Instagram).

Sadly for her and Tiff, Mildred is likely on her own. This is somewhat sad as we saw how scared Mildred was to be alone, as she disclosed that she had been left by her parents and ex-marriage partner. However it’s very hard to absolve Mildred of responsibility as she frequently disrespected both Aussie and Tiff. Admitting to Tiff that she wasn’t even sure what love was constituted a major problem for their relationship. Then there were the endless fights and breakups, and the distinct impression that her and Tiff’s relationship was more sexual than anything else. The couple spoke openly about the need to provide a stable environment for Mildred’s child and any future children. Mildred did acknowledge how hard Tiff had tried to hold on to their relationship. This was a tender moment, but if we check Mildred’s socials, there is not a sign of a ring anywhere.

Tiff and Mildred also revealed on the show their couples therapist gave up on them.

However, since the show aired, Mildred said she’s had over 300 proposals. Perhaps going on the show will help her find the one. She’s also gained 12,000 followers on Instagram.

Mildred appeared to still be haunted by the trauma she faced growing up. Let’s hope that the final episode won’t be too hard on her.

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