Alone: What Happened To Callie Russell, Season 7 Runner-Up?

Alone: What Happened To Callie Russell, Season 7 Runner-Up?

A stark contrast from Alone Season 7 winner, the gruff Roland Welker, runner-up Callie Russell was a ray of sunshine. Fans of Alone couldn’t help but fall in love with her attitude, with many calling her their favorite.  She almost made it to the end, breaking many fans’ hearts. Most would agree that she had a good reason as her toes got frostbitten after 89 days! When she came back for Alone: Frozen, everyone could see that she was affected by her experience in Season 7. Many survivalists knew of Callie and tried to get her on the show for two years according to this article. She’s only recently stepped into the online world as she has lived outside for most of her young life. But what happened to Callie Russell after her time on Alone?

Callie is really easy to like because she genuinely loves what she does. As her bio says, she calmly walked away from the modern world and is now walking back in. Her upbeat personality seems to be her biggest asset.

What Happened To Callie Russell? Job, Podcasts, Classes, YouTube, Africa Travels, GoFundMe, Friends

Callie Russell out in nature where she spends all of her time since Alone season 7

Callie Russell out in nature where she spends all of her time since Alone season 7 (Instagram).

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, and just entering her mid-thirties, Callie has been living her nomad lifestyle since 2010. With a herd of goats as her only companions, she makes a living from tanning deer and elk hides and making them into custom leather goods. This is her “montannery” brand, and her website claims that an online store is coming soon to keep up with the demand. Callie also gives personalized tours and teaches classes in hide tanning, basket weaving, and her “wild women on the water” course. She has a few gear recommendations, and offers her expertise in public speaking engagements. She’s also appeared on several podcasts including Lay Me Down, Why We Hike, and Tangentially Speaking.

Callie is an expert in gathering water and hanging out with the Hazda, a group of hunter gatherers in Tanzania. You can donate to help a Hazda family through this GoFundMe she set up. Her adventures have been documented on her YouTube channel, which has 5,730 subscribers in one year. You can learn how to preserve a deer from Callie or how to turn roadkill into your next meal. She works closely with Jim Gnapp, an expert in building custom stone spears. When she ferments her goat milk and makes cheese, she enlists Trevor Warmedahl the Milk Trekker to help. When it comes to Season 7 friends, her closest cast buddy is 7th placer Joel Van Der Loon, as they travel to Africa together each year.

What Happened To Callie Russell After Alone Season 7? IG, Cameo, Clothing Endorsement, Travels, Zodiac

Callie also has an Instagram account which boasts a very impressing 102,000 followers. She also has a Cameo where you can order a personalized message for a very reasonable $55 USD. She is a big supporter of the clothing made by Micklagaard, a mom and pop wool clothing shop with an outlet close to her. Callie has literally travelled to Sweden to meet them, and has also been to Finland to hone her tanning skills. We don’t know Callie’s exact birthday but her Caprakhan branding and goat symbol means she is definitely a Capricorn.

Callie will keep on doing what she loves for a very, very long time.

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