Below Deck’s Paris Is Accusing Jake Of Lying About Their Relationship While On Show

Below Deck's Paris Is Accusing Jake Of Lying About Their Relationship While On Show

Below Deck season 11 stewardess Paris Field made it clear her ex boyfriend Jake Foulger lied about the nature of their relationship when he was the lead deckhand on Below Deck season 9. While on Watch What Happens Live alongside former costar Barbie Pascual, the Australian blonde bombshell explained how her ex made things up about their relationship while on season 9. Paris is accusing Jake of lying about being in a non-monogamous relationship and about her wanting UK citizenship.

Paris joined Captain Kerry Titheradge and the rest of the Below Deck season 11 crew in stunning Grenada midway through the season to replace trouble stew Cat Baugh. Right from the get-go, she caught the eye of Bosun Ben Willoughby, who started getting very handsy and flirtatious with her. She fended off the guys and wasn’t interested in getting in a boatmance. However, while talking to Andy Cohen, she wasn’t opposed to spilling a bit of tea on what happened with her and Jake.

A fans asked Paris when she last spoke to Jake and what she thought about him telling the season 9 crew he was in a non-monogamous relationship.

Paris Is Accusing Jake Of Lying On Below Deck Season 9 About Their Relationship

“Okay, so this was a really long time ago,” Paris said.

“So you were dating Jake, but he was on Below Deck… Season 9 and you were working on a different boat at the time [Yeah]. He’s blabbing to everyone on his boat that he’s non-monogamous,” Cohen explained, jumping in.

“Yeah, and hooking up with everyone,” Paris added. Jake fooled around with costars Rayna Lindsey and Fraser Olender during season 9. He also tried to start something with Chief Stew Heather Chase, despite her having a boyfriend back home while filming.

“And hooking up with everyone on the boat. And you thought what?” Andy said back.

“He was a tosser [crowd laughs]… Yeah, he made me look like an idiot. He told everyone I wanted a UK passport. I was like I’m fine with my Australian one. What are you talking about?” Paris added. On season 9, Jake told his fellow crew members he was engaged to Paris, but it was a sham in order for her to get UK citizenship. Jake also denied she was his girlfriend, but just his good mate. Unfortunately Cohen failed to follow-up by asking if Jake was indeed Paris’s fiancé like he had claimed on season 9.

Despite Jake acting terribly during their relationship, Paris said they’re still friends. She’s clearly moved on and is in a happy relationship with her boyfriend Steven Ingram, from her hometown of Perth, Australia. The two spent the end of 2023 traveling the Philippines together.

Paris kissing her boyfriend Steven who she likely started dating after the show

Paris kissing her boyfriend Steven who she started dating after filming season 11 in early 2023 (Instagram).

Once season 9 started airing in late 2021, Jake revealed he was suffering from mental health issues. He also said his girlfriend had broken up with him (not specifying if it was Paris). However, Jake recently revealed he’s started dating someone new, too. He’s posted photos together with British model and single mom Maii Louu. His new girlfriend is similarly heavily tatted and pierced.

Jake Foulger with his new girlfriend

Jake Foulger with his new girlfriend (Instagram).

Speaking of Perth, Paris also revealed she’s good friends with Below Deck Mediterranean star Natalya Scudder. Paris said Natalya was a troublemaker all the way back in high school, where they first met.

Andy also asked Paris if she still works as a yachtie.

“Here and there. Only when they need me. Cause I did five years, and like my back hurts. It does though, it [bleeping] hurts.”

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