BDSY: Are Colin, Gary And Daisy Still Friends? Fans Say No

Gary claiming he still remains friends with Colin and Daisy after BDSY season 4

Chief Engineer Colin MacRae, Chief Stewardess Daisy Kelliher, and First Officer Gary King got themselves into a stormy Bermuda love triangle while starring on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 in Sardinia, Italy. The three amigos turned on each other as a bitter rivalry between Gary and Colin left Daisy feeling like “a piece of meat” the sailor boys were fighting over. Colin felt betrayed by both friends not telling them they previously hooked up. Sure, on the BDSY season 4 reunion they basically all said they’re still friends, but that was likely out of politeness. Are Colin, Gary and Daisy still friends really?

Fans seriously doubt it. But, if the whole love triangle thing was a faked, scripted act, then it’s possible no one actually got hurt. That said, Daisy’s profuse swearing, fits of ire, and crying on the reunion would be Oscar-worthy if she didn’t actually have feelings for Colin.

On the two-part BDSY season 4 reunion, Colin claimed he’s still friends with Gary but doesn’t know about a future friendship with Daisy.

“We’re friends. Gary messaged me yesterday, you know, saying, how how am I feeling going into [the reunion]. And I said, ‘Yeah, I’m going to speak my mind. I’m going to say some things, but nothing that I haven’t said to your face, about how I was feeling.’ So, yeah, we’re okay. I forgave both of them,” he said.

“We just banged through all the episodes recently so it’s fresh, there’s a lot of emotions. Um, but I think Gary and I are going to be okay. And we’ll see about Daisy and I. But I’m open for it. I was just taken aback by her Watch What Happens Live appearance.”

Are Colin, Gary And Daisy Still Friends? Fans Don’t Believe They’ll Stay Mates

Meanwhile, Gary said, “No, I think Colin hit the nail on the head there. Um, I mean, I don’t ever see Colin because he’s traveling the world in his catamaran, which I’m very jealous about. But if we do, I’ll definitely make the time to see each other. Dais, also, I guess, yeah, it’s a rocky, rocky relationship. Um, if we ever have to work together in the future, It’ll be a professional relationship. But I don’t think we’re ever going to be how we were. So yeah, unfortunately. That’s just me being honest.”

Despite Gary claiming him and Daisy have a “rocky relationship” on the reunion, he wasn’t honest (big surprise) in his statement. Both Gary and Daisy are currently filming BDSY season 5 in Ibiza, Spain. Their backgrounds on the reunion suggest they may even be sharing the same hotel room, leading fans to think Gary and Daisy are dating.

“Oh, I’m just– I’m sorry for being emotional. And that’s what you get for kind of putting your heart on the line, and I love them both. They’ve taught me a lot about myself. And, you know, I just, you know, I have regrets. But more importantly, I know I have a good heart, and I know my intentions are good. And yes, it’s onwards and upwards,” Daisy said on where she stands with her two lovers and good friends from BDSY. However, Gary King’s Instagram reveals he’s following a bunch of new ladies recently, so he’s unlikely settling down anytime soon.

Gary on IG also claimed they’re still friends. “Contrary to what many of you may believe, I am still friends with Colin and Daisy.”

BDSY fans on Reddit said they’ll believe it when they see it in regards to Colin, Gary and Daisy remaining friends.

“His actions never line up with what he says,” said one fan.

“I believe he and Daisy are still friends but it seems like wishful thinking that he and Colin and are actually friends. Let’s see if Colin puts this on his story like Daisy did.”

Signs Colin Isn’t Friends With Daisy or Gary Anymore After BDSY Season 4

Daisy stopped following Colin on Instagram in June, and still hasn’t refollowed him. Now she’s given more details about how she blocked him! Colin gaslit Daisy to believe he had no future with current girlfriend Brittany Amodeo when Colin and Daisy dated in the fall of 2022.

Although Gary and Colin claim they’re still friends, time will tell. Colin made it clear on the show and after that he felt betrayed by Gary. He also said his supposed mate’s actions going after Daisy when he was in a boatmance with her revealed to him he couldn’t trust the slippery South African sailor.

Finally, Colin isn’t part of the BDSY season 5 crew. Sure, the former co-stars may meetup if they’re in the same city, but likely only to keep up appearances. In the meantime, Colin is on a worldwide adventure sailing across the Pacific Ocean with his Parlay Revival crew. It looks like he’s moved on from his time as a Bravo reality TV star and his friends from the show.

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