Below Deck Med: Fans Are Dragging Natasha For Playing Dave

Below Deck Med Fans Are Dragging Chief Stew Natasha For Playing Chef Dave
Below Deck Med season 7 fans are disgusted by Chief Stew Natasha toying with Chef Dave White’s emotions in their boatmance relationship (Bravo).

Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 fans are dragging Chief Stew Natasha Webb for toying with Chef Dave White‘s emotions.

From the get-go of season 7, TV viewers and other crew members knew it was obvious there was a romantic relationship going on between the chief stew and chef on superyacht HOME. Co-stars Stew Kyle Viljoen and Deckhand Jason Gaskell both made comments early on that they suspected the two appeared to be in a relationship. Despite most of the crew suspecting they were hooking up, Captain Sandy had no idea Natasha and Dave were dating.

However, for some reason, Natasha insisted Dave keep their ongoing relationship from their previous charter superyacht a secret. The two ogling at each other and incessantly flirting made it the worst kept secret. Once everyone went out drinking for the first time, Dave let the cat out of the bag after the crew badgered him. Once Natasha found out Dave told the crew about their relationship, she began to be extremely flirty with Jason.

Later that evening back at the superyacht, Natasha continued to be cold to Dave. In drunken jealousy, with a bruised ego, Dave got aggressive towards Jason, only making matters worse. Natasha ended up sleeping in a guest cabin. The next day after Dave apologized, Natasha asked to speak to him downstairs. She proceeded to invite Dave to “shower” with her for 30 minutes. The second charter seemed to suggest there was smooth sailing for their relationship again, but the preview for episode 4 shows things going off the rails again.

Below Deck Med Fans Blast Natasha For Giving ‘Mixed’ Signals & ‘Gaslighting’ Chef Dave

Twitter and Reddit erupted with Below Deck fans’ anger at Natasha’s emotional manipulation of Dave.

OG Below Deck Chief Stew Adrienne Gang also chimed in on Natasha and Dave’s ill-fated clandestine relationship.


Besides the Twitterverse’s peanut gallery, Below Deck Reddit critics also gave their two cents on Natasha’s sketchy behavior.

“Natasha did Dave so dirty on the night out. She was really cold to him. Like, sure, don’t flirt with him but to act the way she did was hard to watch. Dave taking it out on Jason was so wrong though. Misdirected anger,” wrote Reddit user Loose-Test.

Meanwhile, others thought Dave was partly to blame for Natasha losing interest after he came on too strong.

“Dave needs to man up and play a little hard to get. He is throwing himself at Natasha and in her eyes has become not quite as interesting. No more challenge. No more sneaking around. Seems that is the part that was fun,” said Reddit user wolfitalk.

“He’s very anxiously attached and she is very much not ready for a relationship after coming out of a four year one. Horrible combo, but much worse for him mentally,” said Responsible-Front-18.

Below Deck Med season 7 fans only get more upset by Dave and Natasha’s relationship on the boat as Dave continues to simp for Natasha even after she gets back with her ex boyfriend. Meanwhile, Dave hid in a bomb shelter while volunteer cooking for Ukrainian refugees.

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