Bradshaw Bunch ‘Three Daughters, Three Solutions’ (S1 Finale)

We come full circle on Season 1 with each of Terry’s three daughters finding their solutions.

See the pieces of Terry’s master plan start to come together in the penultimate episode 9 recap.

Three Loving Daughters, Three Joyful Solutions

It’s Terry’s birthday as Zurie teaches little brother Jeb how to put icing on the cake. The big question, what do you get for the man who has everything? The family expresses lots of appreciation for the big man and the love he pours on his family.

The house hunt continues for Lacey and Noah, and it looks like living in Texas will be the final hurdle for Noah. A Facetime call with Noah’s mom Mary turns tearful as he opens up about how hard it was to leave for Hawaii. However, Mary gives her his blessing to buy a beautiful house, which Noah and Lacey conveniently run out of gas right in front of. Is it fate?

At the big birthday bash, Rachel says she has a surprise for her Dad. It’s a new song called “I Got You” which she plays for him. This leads to a very sweet moment when Terry recognizes how alike he and his daughter are. Getting back to music, getting back on the horse after falling off, is the best gift she could have given him.

The others take turns praising TB. Lacey says he taught her to see the silver lining, while Erin mentions how he taught her to take care of others first. Noah says Terry’s the QB of the family, but soft-spoken Scott stuns the gathering. He announces that he and Erin will have a new arrival to the family in 2021! Of course, it’s not entirely up to him. Finally, Noah gives a gift in a box, a keychain with a key to the new house.

One last surprise from Tammy- the whole family will be going up in a balloon! Terry has his doubts, but realizes that flying over the ranch will give him a whole new perspective on what he’s got. Eventually, he relaxes into being above the ground. Zurie ends the season by taking her faceful of birthday cake, and her and Terry throw cake at each other for the series finale.

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