Below Deck Med: Natasha Dodges Questions On Dave Drama

Below Deck Med: Natasha Dodges Chef Dave Relationship Drama Questions

Chief Stew Natasha Webb sidestepped questions asked by Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen regarding her relationship drama with Chef Dave White on Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 (Bravo).

Chief Stew Natasha Webb finally spoke out about her relationship with Chef Dave White after getting dragged by fans for weeks on their drama on Below Deck Med season 7. Natasha went on Watch What Happens Live and dodged some pointed questions from Bravo Boss Andy Cohen.

The chief stew sidestepped Andy’s first questions with the adeptness of a politician.

“Dave said your plan was to start revealing your relationship after being on the boat for a week. Was that true? And If so, were you just telling him that to buy yourself time?” Andy asked Natasha pointedly.

“Dave and I were never in a relationship. We only knew each other a month before joining motor yacht Home and we hooked up a few times. It was a very messy situation,” Natasha responded. She didn’t answer yes or no if she told Dave they would announce their relationship a week into the season.

“I wanted to keep it a secret because it was wrong, and I knew it was wrong, but everyone makes mistakes,” Natasha, age 32, added after Andy asked her why she wanted to keep it a secret.

Superyacht Home‘s chief stew also denied knowing they would be starring on Below Deck Med season 7 when she began hooking up with Chef Dave on the previous superyacht they were working on a month prior.

If Natasha is telling the truth, finding out they would be filming a reality TV show together would be a shock. If she thought she could end the fling once they left their first charter season together by going their separate ways, it turned out to not be that easy.

Natasha Denies Hooking Up With Dave On Show & Claims Had To Share Cabin Together

Although the Below Deck Med season 7 show production made it seem like Dave and Natasha hooked up in the bathroom, Natasha set the record straight.

“When you and Dave went into your aft cabin bathroom together for over 20 minutes did you two hook up?” Andy asked.

“No, that was our only time that we could ever speak without cameras on us and if I wanted to hook up with someone like Kyle my husband he was right there for me,” Natasha stated. Natasha isn’t the first to claim Below Deck production fabricated a fake hook up on the show. Deckhand Rayna Lindsey claimed her hook up with Lead Deckhand Jake Foulger was faked on Below Deck season 9.

Natasha also completely denied she ever led Dave on.

“Uh, no. People think that I ignored Dave but that was the reason, I didn’t want to feel like I was leading him on. So if it ever looked like I was, it was because I was treading on egg shells and I didn’t know what else to do,” Natasha explained on WWHL. Despite her answer, fans point to the first couple episodes of Below Deck Med season 7, where she was touchy and flirty with Dave. She also assigned him to bunk in the same cabin as her and at one point said she was naked under the covers.

Natasha as chief stew of the yacht got to assign bunk mates, but she excused her decision as not leading him on.

“Why did you want to bunk with him by the way?”

“Um, there was no other choice. Like nobody else wanted to share a cabin. And Dave and I spoke before coming on motor yacht Home and we were like that’s over now, it’s in the past, we can move on, we can be perfect,” Natasha claimed.

Both Andy Cohen and fellow WWHL guest and co-star Deckhand Jason Gaskell‘s incredulous reactions to this answer were priceless.

Andy Cohen looks unconvinced when Chief Stew Natasha Webb says she didn’t have a choice but to share a cabin with Chef Dave White on Below Deck Med season 7 (Bravo).

Deckhand Jason Gaskell not buying Natasha’s story that she was forced to share a cabin with Chef Dave (Bravo).

When Andy followed up by asking Natasha if she could see how that led him on Natasha couldn’t give a straight answer.

“Uh… I don’t know. God knows. My intentions were never to lead him on. I just wanted it to be over. It was a mess. And people have seen now, it got messier.”

Bravo has a sneak peak of Chef Dave moving out of the shared cabin at the start of episode 6.

Natasha Says She ‘Never Ever’ Wanted Relationship With Chef Dave

“Was there a part of you that wanted a relationship to blossom between you and Dave while working together on Home?” Andy also pryingly asked Natasha.

“Never ever. Like I saw his true colors and who would want to be in that toxic relationship,” Natasha said.

Andy, unconvinced Natasha — who’s also an actress and owner of a yachtie recruiting business — didn’t lead on Chef Dave said, “You also said you might want to screw.”

“Actually I never said that! I was like, ‘What a good crew’, And I was like how is this being shown that I want to screw. I could not believe it,” Natasha said.

The chief stew also said she and Dave are now on speaking terms again.

“Dave and I are now speaking. You should never hold a grudge, like I said. We’ve got over it, we’ve both moved on. I’m in the most amazing relationship now.”

Natasha, Jason and some co-primary charter guests from Below Deck Med season 7 pose together at WWHL (Bravo).

Natasha is dating New York-based musician and songwriter Max Landry. He also shared his support on Instagram of her appearing on WWHL, but didn’t appear to have attended the show. However, Below Deck Med season 7 charter guests Billy Rodriguez and his partner came to show their support.

Natasha and her boyfriend Max Landry goofing around (Instagram).

While in New York for WWHL, Natasha hung out with her bestie Stew Kyle Viljoen. Natasha also met Kyle’s boyfriend, Doctor Zachary Riley, and their dog. Kyle is also still working for Natasha at her yacht recruitment company, Indie Pearl.

Natasha & Kyle Party In New York Together After Below Deck Med Season 7

Chief Stew Natasha Webb partied and chilled with Stew Kyle Viljoen in New York in August a year after filming Below Deck Med season 7 together (Instagram).

Below Deck Med Fans Aren’t Buying Natasha’s Side of Story With Dave Relationship Drama

Although many fans are calling for Chef Dave to be fired for his abusive and stalker-like drunk texts to Natasha, fans aren’t letting her off the hook either.

A lot of fans are arguing whether Dave or Natasha is worse on the show, but perhaps they both were in the wrong.

Meanwhile, Chef Dave’s staying quiet on the drama. He recently volunteered in Ukraine and had to hide in bomb shelter. He also recently announced will soon be cooking some of his best food from the show at Chef Marcos’s LA restaurant.

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