Alone: What Happened To Justin Vititoe After Season 2

Alone: What Happened To Justin Vititoe, Season 2 Fifth Place Finisher?

Soldiers are a natural fit for Alone, and Alone Season 2’s military guy was Justin Vititoe. Hired off a Facebook ad, Justin brought decades’ worth of experience in uniform to the show. But, starting with him, fans began to notice a trend — Army guys don’t typically last very long on the show. In Justin’s case, he tapped out after 35 days, saying that he had nothing left to prove. Fans speculated as to why the obviously experienced Justin didn’t fare as well as he could have. Was it because of his decision to sleep in a hammock in the Vancouver Island cold? Or is it because, like the other army men who end up on the show, they just don’t have experience with prolonged exposure to the elements? He does seem to confirm this in an interview on The Alone Podcast. 

Although Justin was a fan favorite on the show with his good looks and shorts, it was just a poor fit for his skills. Since then, what happened to Justin Vititoe?

What Happened To Justin Vititoe? Military Service and Skills, Rank, Instagram, Twitter, Hometown, Instructor Job

Justin Vititoe enjoying the outdoors

Justin Vititoe enjoying the outdoors (Instagram).

Justin’s LinkedIn is the best place to go for a full rundown of his military service. It’s too long to post here, but his career spans two wars (Iraq and Afghanistan) and includes 17 years as an Infantryman. Justin’s main area of expertise is as a sniper, but he has completed courses in Mountain Warfare and Airborne School. It appears that he was an instructor with the Army as well, and attained the rank of Sergeant. Before he left the Army for good in 2015, he was the Director of Training for the Savannah River Armory.

At the moment, Justin appears to be employed at the Shooter’s Gauntlet firing range, which offers its own survival camp. Though Justin is a Georgia native, the Shooter’s Gauntlet is located in the Endless Mountains in upstate Pennsylvania. Though he lives off the grid mostly, he does make the occasional Instagram or Twitter post. Both accounts are spare, with only 383 followers on Instagram and 95 followers on Twitter/X. However, if you look at Justin’s IG there is a lot hidden beneath the surface.

He’s also started doing several days fasts, only drinking water. “I’m about 60 hours into a 72 hour water fast. I’m certainly no expert but the process has been interesting so far. Yesterday was a beast mentally but today seems better. Head is clearer, and I’ve lost five pounds since mid day yesterday. I didn’t take a beginning weight because I didn’t have a scale until yesterday.”

What Happened After Alone? Wife, Daughters, Tragedy, Cast Friendship, Hobbies

Alone season 2 star shooting an automatic rifle at the gun range

Alone season 2 star shooting an automatic rifle at the gun range (Instagram).

Justin is married with two daughters, Dania and River, but the main tragedy in the 43-year-old’s life was the loss of his son. Little Ethan came into the world on April 29, 2022 and a month later he tragically passed away. Every so often on his IG, Justin posts a moving tribute to his son and asks his fans to treasure the time they have with their loved ones.

Justin’s memory has taken a toll in recent years, too. “For a long time I have felt like something inside of me is broken. It’s as if once something happens and is over, it’s gone. Like I am unable to make new memories and the ones I do have are jumbled. Yesterday feels like it was 20 years ago yet things from years ago feel like yesterday. Most things I don’t recall unless I see a picture of it, and even then it feels fake,” Justin wrote on Instagram.

Despite this awful tragedy, Justin still takes time to enjoy the things he loves. This includes dips in cold ponds, watching Apocalypse Now with his wife, or training his daughters in the ways of war. Justin does maintain a relationship with Larry Roberts, the runner up from his season of Alone, as he tags Larry often. And recently, Justin has been trying his hand at making his own knives and testing their strength. Justin’s perseverance is admirable and we hope he can find some peace of mind.

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