Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Finale And Reunion Details

Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Finale And Reunion Details

Bravo’s Below Deck Down Under season 2 finale definitely gets released on October 18, and is episode 18. BDDU season 2 spoilers revealed all of the 18 episodes’ descriptions, and episodes 16 and 17 (“The Magic Seamen” and “An Eruption of Volcanic Proportions”) aired on Bravo on October 11. BDDU season 1 sadly didn’t have an official reunion episode, but fans were hopeful the second season would have one. Here are all the details we have on the Below Deck Down Under season 2 finale and reunion.

BDDU season 2’s been one of the most eventful seasons to date. Captain Jason Chambers had to fire three crew members (Luke Jones, Laura Bileskalne, and Adam Kodra). The love pentagon from earlier on in the season lasted only a a hot minute, but that didn’t stop a lot of boatmances emerging in the latter half of the season. How did Joao Franco and Chef Tzarina Mae-Ralph leave things and are they still together? How about Culver Bradbury and Jaimee Neale‘s relationship? Episodes 16 and 17 made it pretty clear the boatmances of the season sunk. But did Jaimee and Luka Brunton end up together? Or did Culver and Tzarina get back together?

Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Finale And Reunion Release Date & Details

The BDDU season 2 finale promises more drama to go down. The finale’s episode 18, entitled “She’s Just Not That Into You”, has the following synopsis description: “Captain Jason gets involved when Chef Tzarina refuses to fulfill a guest request. Luka feels like a stew might be interested in him.”

So Luka takes his shot with Jaimee, who is more her type. Culver’s childish love letter of ticking the box backfired.

Now that the pandemic is lifted and Below Deck Med season 7’s reunion and Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4’s two-part reunion both went ahead, fans were hopeful Bravo would announce announce a BDDU season 2 reunion episode(s) before the finale aired. However, with the sexual assault controversy hanging over the season, fans are now speculating Bravo may have opted to forego filming a BDDU season 2 reunion. However, there’s still a small smidgen of hope the reunion airs before Below Deck Med season 8 premieres at 9 PM EST on Monday, September 25.

Typically new season of any of the Below Deck franchise premiers at 8 PM EST on a Monday night, which suggests the BDDU season 2 reunion could air before Below Deck Med season 8’s premiere. Fans were hoping for a two-part reunion, like BDSY season 4. However, it doesn’t look hopeful at this point.

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