Below Deck: Ben Is Defending Sunny’s Lead Deckhand Promotion Instead Of Dylan

Below Deck: Ben Is Defending Sunny's Lead Deckhand Promotion Instead Of Dylan

Bosun Ben Willoughby continued on the tradition his former boss Ross McHarg showed him on Below Deck season 10. After figuring out who he was going to promote to lead deckhand, Ben decided to bestow the title using the golden brush, like Ross did before him. In choosing his romantic interest and subordinate Sunny Marquis, he upset replacement deckhand Dylan De Villiers. Now Ben is defending Sunny’s lead deckhand promotion on Instagram before the scene even aired on Below Deck season 11‘s episode 11, Royal Rumble.

“I’ve decided to give someone a bit more responsibility. I’ve been given this golden brush before,” Ben said, with a flashback then showing him getting the position given to him by Ross.

“I’m going to continue on the tradition. So, without further ado, the next lead deckhand is going to be Sunny,” Ben told his deck team.

The episode then shoots to a monologue with Dylan where he said he thought it must be April Fools’ Day or something. Dylan had way more experience in yachting than Sunny. However, on the previous crew nights out Dylan annoyed his fellow crew members because of his high-pitched voice and odd-ball humor. Nevertheless, after his first couple charters, he showed his mettle on deck. So some fans questioned if Ben chose Sunny because of his romantic relationship and the pressure to please the girl he’s in a showmance with.

Below Deck Season 11’s Ben Sets Record Straight On Why He Chose Sunny Over Dylan As Lead Deckhand

Ben bestowing the lead deckhand position to Sunny on Below Deck season 11

Ben bestowing the lead deckhand position to Sunny on Below Deck season 11 (Instagram).

“I promote on character, not qualifications. Skills can be taught,” Ben started on a long statement on Instagram.

“This has been awarded to someone who I can trust and rely on to stay calm under pressure. With having main responsibilities for running the bow during mooring operations. After 6 charters, I need someone who can give Captain Kerry clear signals and judgment to help him make the correct decisions. Sunny’s progression thus far has been monumental on St David this season, from not knowing how to use the anchor to solely operating the anchor station and also teaching Kyle how to use the anchor herself without my guidance. Sunny is someone who strives to achieve the best out of herself and takes pride in her work,” Ben said, lavishing praise on Sunny.

The self-described “stew slayer” who upset fans with how handsy he was with new stew Paris Field added even more to his reason for picking Sunny.

“I had the opportunity to promote someone to fill my shoes as lead deckhand and ultimately changing the traditional status quo in yachting. Someone’s character should be given first preference in the work place as skills can be taught. That is the way I want to personally change the industry. You can get crew members who are useless at their job yet have had 5 years in the industry, just because someone looks good on paper doesn’t always mean they’re better for the job.”

Sunny responded to the post kind of rubbing it in.

“Congrats @dilldevill [Dylan] for having been in the industry longer than me,” she posted below Ben’s post.

“Terrible response. You’re better than that,” said a fan to Sunny.

Ben didn’t leave it at that, but also gave some reasons why he didn’t give Dylan the promotion.

Ben Also Gives Reasons For Not Promoting Dylan As Lead Deckhand

“As for Dylan, he’s a valued member of St David. Although as you will see his reactions to the decision on lead deckhand (after I told the team if anyone has a problem with the decision come and talk to me privately) is the reason why he was not chosen as lead deckhand,” Ben said, apparently having foresight on how Dylan would react to not being chosen.

Ben also said Captain Kerry Titheradge didn’t like Dylan and hinted at his own falling out with Kerry.

“Captain Kerry quietly wanted Dylan off the yacht as his personality was a little too much for Kerry’s liking. So I said I’ll talk to him, I encouraged Dylan to keep his personality I didn’t want to change him, just keep in the back of your mind you are on captain Kerry’s radar with being a little over the top,” Ben wrote.

“Dylan responded well and adjusted accordingly. Thus also speaks volumes to Captain Kerry looking for a second lead on the deck team and I don’t think Dylan would have caused synergy as a functional leader having to report to Captain Kerry daily.”

Ben got into his own hot water with Captain Kerry later on in the charter season.

“[Bleeping] blatant disrespect. You’re the [bleeping] bosun, mate,” Captain Kerry booms at Ben in the latest preview. It looks like Ben’s player ways end up backfiring. Meanwhile, it looks like Ben and Sunny are still close since the show ended.

Despite some detractors, lots of people agreed with Ben promoting Sunny.

“Good decision! I don’t think it was really that difficult for you to decide. She is clearly up to the job and not afraid of some hard,” read one fan’s comment which reflected the sentiment of many others.

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