Big Brother 6: What Happened To Ivette Corredero After Being Runner-Up?

Big Brother 6: What Happened To Ivette Corredero After Being Runner-Up?

Big Brother season 6, recently acquired by Netflix, was overflowing with colorful characters. This groundbreaking season included the first lesbian houseguest, who also made it to the final two. That houseguest was Ivette Corredero, and newer Big Brother fans are now getting an introduction to her. So, what happened to Ivette CorrederoLuckily for us, she has maintained a much higher profile than the season’s champion, Maggie Ausburn. Her wildest moments included her high profile feud with season 6 standout Janelle Pierzina and directing racial slurs at Kaysar Ridha. Ivette exemplifies Big Brother at its car crash best/worst. Has she toned it down since 2005, or is she still doing her?

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Ivette is 43 years old and her most recent birthday was February 9. This puts her under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, making her very outspoken and assertive. Before Big Brother it was known that she worked as a waitress. However, if her recent posts on Facebook are any indication, Ivette has switched fields to selling homes. Scrolling through her posts, we can see that Ivette has two children, Maverick and Bebe. Bebe is very competitive, and her son Mav is actually quite proud of his nickname, “Sperm Donor Baby.” Ivette is involved with many fundraisers. This includes a GoFundMe for her brother Frankie, who was involved in a near-death boating accident that put him in an induced coma for three weeks a few months ago.  There is also the Yellow Brick Road Project, which looks for a cure for those affected by HNRNPH2 mutations.

“I’m 43 now, divorced from my ex wife. and I have two kids. I have a 13 year-old and I adopted a beautiful little girl who’s now eight. And I’m back with an old love. And just enjoying life, traveling, my daughter is a tri-athlete so she keeps us very busy. That’s it. I’m still the same passion, the same fire, I’m still the same girl, just a woman now. And I apply all the craziness to my children…” she said in a recent interview.

Ivette has Cuban and Dominican ancestry and lives in Miami, Florida. Her Twitter/X is pretty sporadic with only 44 posts and 1,300 followers. However there are a few interesting details there. It seems that she was interested in applying for Big Brother Season 22 but dropped out of the process. Some of the replies believe that it had more to do with her comments towards Kaysar. She’s also a supporter of charter schools, and a fan of Christmas Abbott, a houseguest on seasons 19 and 22.

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With the Pressure Cooker being brought back in the most recent season, Ivette and her season 6 houseguests returned for a YouTube chat. Host Sharon Tharp got Ivette to open up about how the backlash from the show antics affected her life. If you watch this best moments compilation, you will see why. Not only did her girlfriend at the time develop a crush on Janelle, but Janelle refused to reciprocate the affection. Then there was her feud with April Lewis which culminated in Ivette eliminating her even though they were part of the same alliance! These days, Ivette has also opened up her own event planning business, Eventology Miami. You can confirm that she is the owner by checking out her LinkedIn, which is here. And, Ivette does have her own IG with 1,064 followers, but it is private.

Ivette has calmed down a bit, but has a wild side that is as obvious as ever.

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